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Tender No Centre Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
IS202300134101 URSC Die Bonder 22-July-2024 16:00 22-July-2024 16:30
IP202400053301 IPRC Supply of industrial grade miniature 4-pin connectors 24-July-2024 14:00 24-July-2024 14:01
SA202400054601 SAC High Frequency Substrate Material-180mil dk3 24-July-2024 14:00 24-July-2024 14:30
IS202400052501 URSC Milli Ohm Resistors 15-July-2024 14:00 15-July-2024 15:00
IP202400073201 IPRC Rewinding and servicing of 20MVA, 110/11 kV Transformer (All 3 phases) 11-July-2024 14:00 11-July-2024 14:00
VS202400157201 VSSC High Power Electronic Load -6000W 12-July-2024 14:00 12-July-2024 14:01
LP202400050701 LPSC Supply of first aid boxes 31-July-2024 14:30 31-July-2024 14:35
LP202400044401 LPSC Calibration of portable gas monitor - Honeywell BW Max XT II 31-July-2024 14:30 31-July-2024 14:35
MC202400001801 MCF Supply of Ext. C band Up-converter 17-July-2024 16:30 18-July-2024 10:00
MC202400004101 MCF Supply of C and Ext. C band Down-converter 17-July-2024 16:30 18-July-2024 10:00
VS202400025101 VSSC Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrometer 25-July-2024 14:00 25-July-2024 15:00
VS202400248601 VSSC LOADING UNIT FOR THERMO-MECHANICAL TEST SYSTEM 25-July-2024 14:00 25-July-2024 15:00
LP202400044201 LPSC Supply of Forex board with Vinyl colour print 16-July-2024 15:04 16-July-2024 15:05
VS202400219901 VSSC Non Comprehensive AMC for the Maintenance and Testing of Pressure Vessels and its Associated systems 22-July-2024 14:00 22-July-2024 14:00
VS202400354301 VSSC Rate contract for the operation of incinerator at VKC for a period of 2 years 25-July-2024 14:00 25-July-2024 15:00
IU202400314301 IISU Tubes made from Coin Silver (90% Ag + 10% Cu) alloy for space applications 15-July-2024 14:00 15-July-2024 15:00
HQ202400004001 ISRO HQ 5Year AMSC & Supply of C-Check Kit for Greaves Engine D.G set at ISRO-HQ 01-July-2024 14:30 01-July-2024 14:31
SA202300222301 SAC Portable Flow Velocity meter 17-July-2024 14:00 17-July-2024 14:30
IS202300070201 URSC P-CHANNEL MOSFET BARE DICE 2N7549 OR EQUIVALENT 18-July-2024 09:58 18-July-2024 10:00
VS202400208601 VSSC Trichloroethylene 06-August-2024 14:00 06-August-2024 14:01
VS202400268301 VSSC 35kN Electrodynamic Vibration Shakers 18-July-2024 14:00 18-July-2024 14:30
SA202300234901 SAC Space Qualified Serializer Devices 18-July-2024 14:00 18-July-2024 14:30
TR202400020301 ISTRAC Bench top all in one Microwave Measuring Receiver up to 40 GHz or Higher 19-July-2024 14:30 19-July-2024 14:30
TR202400012901 ISTRAC Supply & Installation of VoIP Intercom Unit 22-July-2024 14:00 22-July-2024 14:30
VS202400199001 VSSC DK32 ceramic finishing 09-July-2024 14:00 09-July-2024 14:10
VS202400233701 VSSC Design, realization, supply, installation and commissioning of hydraulic pressure booster setup 18-July-2024 14:00 18-July-2024 14:00
IS202400016601 URSC Dual Arm Soldering Fume Extractor 12-July-2024 09:30 12-July-2024 10:00
VS202300639701 VSSC Elemental Analyzer-Gas Chromatography-Continuous Flow- Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (EA-GC-CF-IRMS) 16-July-2024 14:00 16-July-2024 15:00
IS202400055801 URSC Diode dice 12-July-2024 09:30 12-July-2024 10:00
VS202400313801 VSSC Supply FR4 copper cladded laminates 08-July-2024 10:30 08-July-2024 11:00
SA202300223301 SAC Mini Disc Infiltrometer 15-July-2024 14:00 15-July-2024 14:30
IP202400068401 IPRC Sporadic Work Outsourcing contract for Semi Cryo Test Facilities Instrumentation(SCFTI,SIETI & ISF-I) & Earth Storable Propellant Servicing facility(EPSF) 09-July-2024 14:00 09-July-2024 14:01
LE202400020801 LEOS SWIR Camera System 11-July-2024 17:00 12-July-2024 10:30
LE202400018701 LEOS SITC of video system at new lecture hall 11-July-2024 17:00 12-July-2024 10:30
LE202400021101 LEOS MIni AVIM PM-PS Connector with PM 1550 fiber and adaptor-Commercial Grade 11-July-2024 17:00 12-July-2024 10:30
IS202400055701 URSC FABRICATION & SUPPLY OF CROSS BEAM ASSEMBLY-2 04-July-2024 14:30 04-July-2024 15:00
LB202400007701 LPSC Supply and Installation of LED video wall system and AV systemsfor Director video conference facility LPSCB 25-July-2024 14:00 25-July-2024 14:30
SA202300251001 SAC Space Grade 12 bit 8 channels ADC 15-July-2024 14:00 15-July-2024 14:30
IP202400059301 IPRC Supply of stainless steel flanges & Pipe fittings 15-July-2024 10:00 15-July-2024 10:05
IS202300158201 URSC AMSC for PASSENGER LIFT MAST BOOM MAN LIFT MACHINE 05-July-2024 15:00 05-July-2024 15:30
MC202400004801 MCF Supply, installation, Testing and commissioning of SCADA system at Power station #3, MCF, Hassan. 10-July-2024 16:30 11-July-2024 10:00
IS202400042301 URSC FABRICATION & SUPPLY OF TEST INTERFACE ADAPATOR 04-July-2024 09:30 04-July-2024 10:00
SA202400080701 SAC SAMTEC high density vertical connectors 11-July-2024 15:00 11-July-2024 15:30
SA202400098201 SAC Fabrication, Assembly and Delivery of Space Qualified Quad Band Antenna 15-July-2024 11:00 15-July-2024 11:05
IS202300126601 URSC LINEAR IC TESTER 03-July-2024 14:30 03-July-2024 15:00
IS202400028001 URSC Supply of 7.5HP 3 Phase Submersible Borewell Pumps. 03-July-2024 14:30 03-July-2024 15:00
IS202400034101 URSC Supply of Bi-directional plain weave toughened hot melt epoxy glass and Uni-Directional Carbon prepregs 02-July-2024 14:30 02-July-2024 15:00
VS202400280601 VSSC High pressure lab-scale reactor and accessories 23-July-2024 14:00 23-July-2024 14:01
IS202300160701 URSC Inspection system 3D digital stereo high defenition viewer with PC 12-July-2024 14:30 12-July-2024 15:00
VS202400259301 VSSC Supply and integration of welding robot with the existing welding power source 11-July-2024 14:00 11-July-2024 14:02
VS202300656601 VSSC Realization & supply of Ablative lined nozzles for control thrusters 23-July-2024 14:00 23-July-2024 14:30
VS202400233501 VSSC Fabrication, supply and installation of Cast Iron Bed plate 23-July-2024 14:00 23-July-2024 15:00
VS202400227301 VSSC Supply, Installation And commissioning of Electrical Work bench.Specs & Terms and conditions as per annexure enclosed 23-July-2024 14:00 23-July-2024 15:00
IP202400068201 IPRC Sporadic Work Outsourcing Contract for Operation and Maintenance of Safety Systems at IPRC 08-July-2024 14:00 08-July-2024 14:30
LE202400017901 LEOS Workstation with GPU 10-July-2024 17:00 11-July-2024 10:30
LE202400019701 LEOS Optical fibers 10-July-2024 17:00 11-July-2024 10:30
IN202400053901 IIST Supply, installation and mounting of closed circuit water tunnel 02-July-2024 14:00 02-July-2024 14:15
LE202400019401 LEOS High performance closed loop fiber optic gyroscope 10-July-2024 17:00 11-July-2024 10:30
VS202300435601 VSSC Multi unit automatic rubber hardness tester with multi indentors 09-July-2024 14:00 09-July-2024 14:00
VS202400230001 VSSC Supply, installation and performance demonstration of portable water cooled refrigerated thermal circulator 02-July-2024 14:00 02-July-2024 14:00
MC202400007101 MCF Electronic components 03-July-2024 16:30 04-July-2024 10:00
VS202400015601 VSSC Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Training and Performance Demonstration of Electron Beam Welding (EBW) machine and AMC for 3 years 23-July-2024 14:00 23-July-2024 14:05
MC202400004601 MCF RFP for providing TTC&R Transfer Orbit Support Service(TOSS) for ISRO's GSO satellite missions 26-July-2024 16:30 29-July-2024 10:00
IP202400067801 IPRC Sporadic work outsourcing package for execution of activities in CUS Assembly & Integration Division. 05-July-2024 10:00 05-July-2024 10:05
SA202300200301 SAC Space Grade Diodes 02-July-2024 11:24 02-July-2024 12:24
IP202400067201 IPRC Sporadic work outsourcing contract for Vikas Engine Integration Division (VEID) of VEIG / EAIE / IPRC for a period of two years 04-July-2024 14:00 04-July-2024 14:30
LP202400001801 LPSC Low noise co-axial cables 08-July-2024 12:00 08-July-2024 12:05
IU202400083501 IISU Fabrication, Inspection & Supply of RWA, IRNW102 & IRW400 Bearing Unit Components 01-July-2024 14:00 01-July-2024 14:30
VS202400254501 VSSC Housekeeping/Janitorial works in APEP Campus, APEP Guest House and Housing Colony premises including Children's Park 01-July-2024 14:00 01-July-2024 14:00
SA202400066101 SAC Monochrome Camera for visible range wavelengths 27-June-2024 12:00 27-June-2024 13:00
IN202400030401 IIST Planetary ball mill 04-July-2024 14:00 04-July-2024 14:15
SH202300136201 SDSC SHA Non-Comprehensive annual maintenance (NCAMC) of CNC VFM & VTM machines 28-June-2024 14:00 28-June-2024 14:30
VS202400237801 VSSC Work Package for Office Supporting Activities 26-June-2024 14:00 26-June-2024 14:30
PR202400004001 PRL Optical Reference Flat 03-July-2024 14:00 03-July-2024 14:30
IS202400049201 URSC LVMP Spray Painting Guns 26-June-2024 14:00 26-June-2024 15:00
IS202400057401 URSC Drilling Cum Milling machine with 3-Axis DRO 25-June-2024 14:30 25-June-2024 15:00
IS202400051601 URSC Wet Chemical Bench 26-June-2024 14:30 26-June-2024 15:00
IS202300100901 URSC MINI DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM (72 CHANNELS) 27-June-2024 14:00 27-June-2024 14:30
LP202400022501 LPSC Supply of Lanthanum Hexaboride Material 05-July-2024 12:00 05-July-2024 12:05
LP202400047901 LPSC Supply of lint free cloth wipes 02-July-2024 14:00 02-July-2024 14:30
VS202400194501 VSSC Powders 27-June-2024 14:00 27-June-2024 14:10
PR202400004801 PRL Field Corrector for 2.5m Telescope 02-July-2024 14:00 02-July-2024 14:30
SH202400069201 SDSC SHA Design, Fabrication and Supply of Acid Circulation Cooler 03-July-2024 14:00 03-July-2024 14:30
SH202400061301 SDSC SHA Supply of Raw Acid Tank 02-July-2024 13:00 02-July-2024 15:30
SA202400009501 SAC Space grade power inductors ESCC - 3201009 02-July-2024 12:00 02-July-2024 12:30
SH202400063401 SDSC SHA EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) for Supply of Low Sulphur Heavy Stock (LSHS) Furnace Oil (FO) 02-July-2024 15:00 02-July-2024 15:30
SA202300097401 SAC Space qualified Micro D connectors and accessories 02-July-2024 14:00 02-July-2024 14:30
VS202400115301 VSSC Automation of Anode coating Facility 09-July-2024 14:00 09-July-2024 14:05
SH202400062301 SDSC SHA SITC of Flameproof Digital Indicator panels for Load Cell Based Overload Sensing Systems in SDSC, SHAR 27-June-2024 16:00 28-June-2024 14:30
SA202400003601 SAC Ka band 120W LCTWTAs 22-July-2024 15:00 22-July-2024 16:00
IS202300176001 URSC Refrigeration based thermal circulation unit with accessories 01-July-2024 14:00 01-July-2024 15:00
SH202400035801 SDSC SHA SUPPLY OF PTFE FLEXIBLE HOSES 27-June-2024 16:00 28-June-2024 14:30
SA202300030301 SAC Hi-Rel shift register/D-flip flop 28-June-2024 09:54 28-June-2024 10:54
TR202400008801 ISTRAC Cryo-MMIC RF Front-end Development & Realization 04-July-2024 14:00 04-July-2024 14:30
IP202400058101 IPRC Sporadic Work Outsourcing Package 28-June-2024 10:00 28-June-2024 10:05
VS202400250101 VSSC 100W,7OHM ALUMINUM HOUSED POWER RESISTOR 27-June-2024 14:00 27-June-2024 14:15
VS202400280801 VSSC Manufacture & Supply of Titanium alloy Ti3Al2.5V tubes for miniature Electro-Hydraulic actuation system 25-June-2024 14:00 25-June-2024 14:05
VS202300190601 VSSC Supply , Fabrication and commissioning of Gas cylinder Manifold system 08-July-2024 14:00 08-July-2024 14:01
IP202400042801 IPRC RATE CONTRACT FOR HMV & LMV MAINTENANCE WORKS FOR 2 YEARS 28-June-2024 10:00 28-June-2024 10:05
VS202400299201 VSSC Supply of moisture barrier bags (MBB) 27-June-2024 10:30 27-June-2024 11:30
IP202400042301 IPRC RATE CONTRACT FOR UPHOLSTERY WORKS FOR 2 YEARS 28-June-2024 10:00 28-June-2024 10:05
VS202400072801 VSSC SPONGEJET BLASTING EQUIPMENT 02-July-2024 14:00 02-July-2024 14:00
VS202300240801 VSSC Pneumatic cutting machine for Elastomeric specimens for mechanical testing 04-July-2024 14:00 04-July-2024 14:00
LE202400016601 LEOS Supply of OCT bearings 01-July-2024 17:00 02-July-2024 10:30
LB202400012301 LPSC Development of Additive Manufacturing parts for Spacecraft Propulsion System 09-July-2024 14:00 09-July-2024 14:30
TR202300011801 ISTRAC Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning & CAMC of Process Chiller for old HPA system at 32m Antenna Facility, IDSN, Baylalu, ISTRAC. 02-July-2024 17:00 03-July-2024 10:00
LB202400009201 LPSC Supply of ultrasonic thickness gauges 27-June-2024 14:00 27-June-2024 14:30
VS202300243001 VSSC Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Training of a Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) Machine 11-July-2024 14:00 11-July-2024 14:05
HQ202400002801 ISRO HQ Conduct of Computer Based Test 01-July-2024 11:00 01-July-2024 11:01
IS202400006201 URSC Radiated Immunity test system as per MIL-STD 461G 22-July-2024 14:30 22-July-2024 15:00
IP202400038701 IPRC Turbine Flow Meters 26-June-2024 14:00 26-June-2024 14:01
VS202300625201 VSSC Flat panel detector for 450kV Digital radiography with accessories 27-June-2024 14:00 27-June-2024 14:01
IP202400051801 IPRC Outsourcing work contract for SRMG/SRE 02-July-2024 14:02 02-July-2024 14:02
VS202400189901 VSSC Manufacture and supply of AA2219 O Sheets 27-June-2024 14:00 27-June-2024 14:05
IP202300155501 IPRC Solenoid Valves 02-July-2024 14:00 02-July-2024 14:01
IP202400048001 IPRC Supply of Liquid Methane road tankers 27-June-2024 14:00 27-June-2024 14:00
VS202300697801 VSSC Rotational viscometer / rheometer with accessories 25-June-2024 14:00 25-June-2024 14:01
LP202400025201 LPSC ENTERPRISE ACCESS CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR LPSC 08-July-2024 14:30 08-July-2024 14:35
IS202300141101 URSC Spectral Response (SR)/External Quantum Efficiency (EQE) and Internal Quamtum Efficiency (IQE) Measurement System 25-June-2024 14:30 25-June-2024 15:00
VS202400092101 VSSC Design ,supply, installation & commissioning of Helium Recovery and Purification Unit at VSSC 25-June-2024 14:00 25-June-2024 14:01
SA202300117401 SAC Need Based Maintenance Contract for ABM Mask Aligner System 05-July-2024 11:28 05-July-2024 12:28
MC202300016501 MCF SITC of two numbers of 7.2m C-Band Full Coverage Antenna Terminal & RF System at MCF Bhopal 01-August-2024 16:30 02-August-2024 10:00