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This e-Procurement System facilitates vendors to view tenders released from all ISRO centres and then submit the bids online through this portal.

Important Information

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Public Tenders

Tender No Centre Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
IS202300044501 URSC Supply and Installation of spare parts for JLG Make Toucan(Manlift) 1210 & 1310 14-June-2023 14:30 14-June-2023 15:00
IS202300060401 URSC K Type Thermocouple wire Spool 14-June-2023 14:30 14-June-2023 15:00
IS202300041801 URSC CERAMIC HONEYCOMB SUBSTRATE 12-June-2023 14:30 12-June-2023 15:00
IS202300036701 URSC Current Probe, Current Probe Amplifier and BNC to BNC Cable 12-June-2023 14:30 12-June-2023 15:00
VS202300086001 VSSC Supply Installation & Commissioning of CCTV CAMERA System at APEP 04-July-2023 10:00 04-July-2023 10:01
IS202200152401 URSC RM1206 0.1 % chip resistor 16-June-2023 14:30 16-June-2023 15:00
VS202300214701 VSSC Calibration of Hydraulic Compaction Press 15-June-2023 16:00 15-June-2023 16:15
IS202300031101 URSC SWAGING EQUIPMENT TO SWAGE SS WIRE ROPE WITH SS TERMINAL 26-June-2023 14:30 26-June-2023 15:00
TR202200046301 ISTRAC RF Synthesizer (2GHz to 13GHz) 19-June-2023 17:00 20-June-2023 11:00
TR202200043101 ISTRAC S- Band 10-kW SSPA Transmiter for polrimetric Doppler Weather Radar 06-July-2023 17:00 07-July-2023 10:00
VS202300180201 VSSC Anhydrous Lithium hydroxide powder (AR grade) 07-July-2023 14:00 07-July-2023 14:01
VS202300166001 VSSC PC controlled CHNSO Elemental analyzer 24-July-2023 14:00 24-July-2023 14:01
VS202200297801 VSSC Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 60kV/4kW Electron Beam Welding Machine 08-June-2023 10:00 08-June-2023 10:01
VS202200567801 VSSC DSITC of 100TR Chilling plant & Allied systems 03-July-2023 10:00 03-July-2023 10:01
VS202200680201 VSSC X ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS) 19-July-2023 14:00 19-July-2023 14:01
IS202200164901 URSC Frequency synthesizer modules - Two types 30-June-2023 14:30 30-June-2023 15:00
IS202200157701 URSC Close range photogrammetry system 16-June-2023 14:30 16-June-2023 15:00
SA202300089101 SAC Power Driver for Ground use 27-June-2023 12:00 27-June-2023 14:00
SA202200056201 SAC High Frequency Substrate Material 16-June-2023 14:00 16-June-2023 14:30
VS202300222101 VSSC Rate Contract for Non Comprehensive AMC for Konica Minolta Machines (25 types) for 2 years 14-June-2023 14:30 14-June-2023 14:30
SA202300069701 SAC ESD BOXES 30-June-2023 14:00 30-June-2023 14:30
LB202200010501 LPSC Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Training of Energy Dispersive X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer (ED-XRF) 26-June-2023 14:00 26-June-2023 14:30
SA202300024601 SAC HI REL SURFACE MOUNT INDUCTORS 06-June-2023 14:00 06-June-2023 14:30
SH202200171901 SDSC SHA Supply of Hydraset 22-June-2023 16:00 23-June-2023 14:30
SA202300046701 SAC NAND Flash Module 12-June-2023 10:00 12-June-2023 10:10
VS202200277701 VSSC Design, fabrication, testing, supply, installation and commisioning of pulse power supply 23-June-2023 14:00 23-June-2023 14:10
VS202200629501 VSSC Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Training and Performance Demonstration of Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) machine including machine enclosure and AMC for 5 years. 20-June-2023 14:00 20-June-2023 14:05
IS202200175601 URSC Un-Encapsulated Linear IC Dice 14-June-2023 14:30 14-June-2023 15:00
VS202200133301 VSSC CONFOCAL RAMAN MICROSCOPE (Confocal Raman Spectrometer) 24-July-2023 14:00 24-July-2023 14:00
IS202200173801 URSC RF Low Noise Amplifier 27-June-2023 14:30 27-June-2023 15:00
IS202300009501 URSC RFSoC Evaluation Kit and Accessories 27-June-2023 14:30 27-June-2023 15:00
VS202100420401 VSSC Viscometer/Rheometer with accessories (Item 1- Viscosity Range1-6M cps, Item 2- Viscosity Range100-40M cps) 18-July-2023 14:00 18-July-2023 14:01
IS202300052701 URSC Checnet for AIT-1 Extension, ISITE-URSC 06-June-2023 14:30 06-June-2023 15:00
IS202100134001 URSC Hermetic Sealed RF Connector (DC-40GHz) 16-June-2023 14:30 16-June-2023 15:00
IS202200082701 URSC Non-volatile, Re-programmable Commercial FPGA SoC 16-June-2023 14:30 16-June-2023 15:00
IS202300046001 URSC D-SUB TERMINATIONS AND ACCESSORIES 26-June-2023 14:30 26-June-2023 15:00
VS202200352401 VSSC UV-Visible Spectrometer for aqueous phase aerosol brown carbon studies 15-June-2023 14:00 15-June-2023 15:00
VS202200467701 VSSC Procurement of Dynamic Verification System for Pressure Sensors 26-June-2023 10:00 26-June-2023 10:01
VS202300116001 VSSC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Dia. 4m CNC Vertical Turning and Machining Centre 13-June-2023 14:00 13-June-2023 14:30
VS202300108801 VSSC Supply and Installation of Ozone Analyzer 04-July-2023 14:00 04-July-2023 15:00
LB202300011101 LPSC Watercooled Pressure Sensors with Accessories 06-June-2023 14:00 06-June-2023 15:00
IS202300060801 URSC Multichannel Channel Charge Sensitive Preamplifier 20-June-2023 14:30 20-June-2023 15:00
VS202200541001 VSSC Guarded heat flow Thermal conductivity tester 13-June-2023 14:00 13-June-2023 14:01
LP202300021601 LPSC Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Measurement & Command System for ILFC Facility 26-June-2023 14:00 26-June-2023 14:05
IP202300069101 IPRC Supply of CCTV System 26-June-2023 14:00 26-June-2023 14:01
IP202300033701 IPRC Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Training of Portable Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) System with accessories 20-June-2023 14:00 20-June-2023 14:10
VS202300019701 VSSC Electrochemical Workstation 27-June-2023 14:00 27-June-2023 14:01
IU202300262401 IISU Optic Components for Laser Controller 20-June-2023 14:00 20-June-2023 15:00
SA202200141701 SAC Foundry service for High Power GaN wafer fabrication 12-June-2023 14:00 12-June-2023 14:30
IP202300060301 IPRC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of CNC Turning Center with Accessories, Spares and AMC Service 22-June-2023 14:00 22-June-2023 14:10
VS202300191601 VSSC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Dia2m CNC Horizontal Tape Winding Machine at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram 13-June-2023 14:03 13-June-2023 15:00
SA202300107901 SAC Pinch-off Tube Crimp Tool 22-June-2023 15:00 22-June-2023 15:30
LE202300013001 LEOS Ultra Low Temperature Bath Circulator 20-June-2023 17:00 21-June-2023 10:30
IS202300001601 URSC 32 Channel Digital Vibration Control System 14-June-2023 14:30 14-June-2023 15:00
LE202300007601 LEOS PRE-AMPLIFIER EDFA 12-June-2023 17:00 13-June-2023 10:30
VS202300156001 VSSC Supply installation and commission of flying probe tester 23-June-2023 10:30 23-June-2023 11:00
VS202300131701 VSSC Tensile testing machine 16-June-2023 10:00 16-June-2023 10:01
IU202300135001 IISU CDR12 CAPACITORS 14-June-2023 15:00 14-June-2023 16:00
IU202300153701 IISU Diodes and transistors 14-June-2023 15:00 14-June-2023 16:00
VS202300231101 VSSC BGA Rework Station 23-June-2023 14:00 23-June-2023 15:00
TR202300005901 ISTRAC Specification for Extended Warranty for HP Workstations 19-June-2023 17:00 22-June-2023 10:00
IS202300008901 URSC ESD Chairs for Clean Room 26-June-2023 14:30 26-June-2023 15:00
VS202300148301 VSSC Supply of AA2219 Powder for AM-DED process 06-June-2023 14:00 06-June-2023 14:05
LP202200088101 LPSC Establishment of GH2 and GN2 feed system along with Instrumentation and control system for RF driven Plasma engine as per attached RFP 30-June-2023 14:00 30-June-2023 14:05
IS202300055501 URSC Supply of MS C Channel and L Angle 09-June-2023 14:30 09-June-2023 15:00
VS202200616501 VSSC Supply, installation and commissioning of Laser Micrometer 08-June-2023 14:00 08-June-2023 14:05
IP202300046401 IPRC Design, Detail engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning of Insulation Processing Machine (IPM), Dust & Fume Extraction Systems and Integrated Pneumatic Air Packages as per Request For Proposal (RFP) Document 16-June-2023 10:00 16-June-2023 10:05
IP202300069901 IPRC Supply of Liquid Nitrogen 14-June-2023 14:00 14-June-2023 14:30
VS202200641601 VSSC Supply of Intert Gas Atomizer unit for making metal Powders 14-June-2023 14:00 14-June-2023 14:10
SA202200209701 SAC Single Channel Opto-coupler 06-June-2023 14:00 06-June-2023 14:01
SA202300086001 SAC TEMPORARY BONDING WAX AND DEBONDING SOLUTION 07-June-2023 12:47 07-June-2023 12:47
VS202300073601 VSSC Supply installation and commissioning of equipment for Coating thickness (Micro Scope, Sample cutting & preparation) and hardness measurement 04-July-2023 14:00 04-July-2023 14:05
SA202300095401 SAC Hi-Rel Space Qualified THICK FILM CHIP RESISTORS (TYPE RM0402) 03-July-2023 09:34 03-July-2023 09:34
VS202300010901 VSSC Ultrasonic Low Frequency Bond Tester with accessories 08-June-2023 14:00 08-June-2023 14:30
VS202200691301 VSSC Automated multi-axis multi-mode Ultrasonic C-Scan System 26-June-2023 14:00 26-June-2023 15:00
VS202200684701 VSSC supply installation and commissioning of XRF System 13-June-2023 14:00 13-June-2023 14:05
SA202200118601 SAC SPACE GRADE 16-BIT TRANSCEIVER (BIDIRECTIONAL LEVEL SHIFTER) 08-June-2023 14:00 08-June-2023 14:30
IP202300046901 IPRC Supply of Manual Globe valves,Electro pneumatic actuated Globe valves & Globe control valves 07-June-2023 10:00 07-June-2023 10:05
SA202300006501 SAC Supply of Multi Aperture Core Ferrite (Make: AMIDON) 09-June-2023 15:54 09-June-2023 15:54
LE202300011101 LEOS HIGH POWER EDFA with inbuilt drive Electronics 12-June-2023 17:00 13-June-2023 10:30
VS202200428801 VSSC Establishment of EEE Parts Measurement Lab 26-June-2023 10:55 26-June-2023 11:00
SA202200163801 SAC Range Finder 21-June-2023 14:00 21-June-2023 14:30
IP202300049801 IPRC Non-lubricated Hydrogen gas compressors 07-June-2023 14:00 07-June-2023 14:00
SA202200080301 SAC GaN MMICs fabrication foundry services 14-June-2023 14:00 14-June-2023 14:30
IS202300029101 URSC Technical service package for assistance in Intergrated Spacecraft Testing 06-June-2023 14:30 06-June-2023 15:00
IP202300069501 IPRC Modification of DN150 flexible hoses at TC-HAT facility 16-June-2023 10:00 16-June-2023 10:05
SA202300092101 SAC LAPTOP COMPUTER 06-June-2023 12:00 06-June-2023 14:00
IP202300067401 IPRC Filters for service fluid system 19-June-2023 10:00 19-June-2023 10:00
IS202300053401 URSC Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper Sheets and Plates 09-June-2023 14:30 09-June-2023 15:00
SA202100163201 SAC WR10, 75-110GHz Receive Module 16-June-2023 14:00 16-June-2023 14:30
NR202200032601 NRSC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Ka band satellite link for Antarctica connectivity 16-June-2023 14:00 16-June-2023 14:01
VS202300067501 VSSC Assembling, Testing , Installation of TRISP modules in PCs & other gadgets on AMC-per job basis. 08-June-2023 10:00 08-June-2023 10:01
IS202200145901 URSC HIGH POWER CRIMPABLE CONNECTORS 16-June-2023 14:30 16-June-2023 15:00
IS202300006401 URSC CONNECTORS 14-June-2023 14:30 14-June-2023 15:00
SA202200179701 SAC Space Grade ADC 28-June-2023 14:00 28-June-2023 14:30
SA202300009601 SAC High Power Attenuator for RF Testing in Ground Applications 12-June-2023 10:58 12-June-2023 10:58
LE202200041701 LEOS Autocorrelator 20-June-2023 17:00 21-June-2023 10:30
IP202200127701 IPRC Supply,installation and Commissioning of Portable industrial Videoscope unit with accessories 22-June-2023 14:00 22-June-2023 14:30
IS202300036301 URSC High frequency flexible RF cable assembly (3 types/length) 14-June-2023 14:30 14-June-2023 15:00
IP202300068801 IPRC Contour and Surface finish measuring machine 15-June-2023 14:00 15-June-2023 14:10
VS202300141401 VSSC AUGMENTATION - MS OFFICE FOR WINDOWS PC 16-June-2023 14:00 16-June-2023 14:00
VS202300162901 VSSC Analog to Digital Converter 22-June-2023 14:00 22-June-2023 15:00
VS202300200501 VSSC 100 T Hydraulic Hot press 13-July-2023 14:00 13-July-2023 14:01
HS202300003901 HSFC High Pressure Pneumatic Test rig 08-June-2023 14:00 08-June-2023 14:10
SA202300088401 SAC DUMMY BGA DEVICES 08-June-2023 14:00 08-June-2023 14:30
VS202200446901 VSSC High frequency response pressure transducers 26-June-2023 10:00 26-June-2023 10:01
SH202300063001 SDSC SHA Refurbishment of Platinum Rhodium Catalyst 23-June-2023 14:00 23-June-2023 14:30
VS202300116101 VSSC Supply, Installation, commissioning of surveillance camera system on Turn-key basis for SPARC facilities 05-July-2023 10:00 05-July-2023 10:01
IS202300026901 URSC Torsion spring testing machine 16-June-2023 14:30 16-June-2023 15:00
VS202200467301 VSSC Procurment of Signal Conditioner for Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors 22-June-2023 14:00 22-June-2023 14:00
VS202300170201 VSSC Fabrication and assembly of Fuselage for RLV 05-July-2023 15:00 05-July-2023 15:00
VS202300178601 VSSC Design, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of Super Insulated Vacuum jacketed (SIV) lines (Extension for existing SIV lines) in Advanced Thermovacuum Test Facility (ATVF) of QDVF. 04-July-2023 14:00 04-July-2023 15:00
MC202300001601 MCF Supply of Outdoor Mount 750W Ku?Band TWT Amplifiers with Integrated Linearizer 28-June-2023 16:30 29-June-2023 10:00
VS202300198701 VSSC Design and Development of a multi-function integrated circuit 22-June-2023 11:00 22-June-2023 11:00
IP202200133301 IPRC Supply Installation and Commissioning of CCTV and Intercom System 21-June-2023 14:00 21-June-2023 14:01
IP202300040501 IPRC VEHICLE VIBRATION MONITORING SYSTEM 26-June-2023 14:00 26-June-2023 14:01
IP202300053601 IPRC Supply of Temperature Transmitters 22-June-2023 14:00 22-June-2023 14:01
IP202300054801 IPRC High pressure seamless gas storage cylinders 30-June-2023 10:00 30-June-2023 10:05
VS202300047101 VSSC Modernisation of laboratories 11-July-2023 14:00 25-July-2023 14:00
VS202200687601 VSSC Supply, installation and commissioning of SS316 grade Vacuum lines with guages along with its accessories 11-July-2023 14:00 11-July-2023 14:01
IP202300071601 IPRC Handheld Laser Welding Machine 22-June-2023 14:00 22-June-2023 14:30
SA202300030401 SAC TORQUE WRENCHES 09-June-2023 11:00 09-June-2023 11:05
SA202200101301 SAC High Bandwidth Spectrum Analyzer (upto 40 GHz) 28-June-2023 14:00 28-June-2023 14:30
IP202300062701 IPRC Supply of hand held Fiber optic laser welding machine with wire feeder, weld head and accessories 22-June-2023 14:00 22-June-2023 14:10
SA202300085901 SAC Chip Attenuators 26-June-2023 14:00 26-June-2023 14:30
IS202200176401 URSC Spectrum Analyzer 20-June-2023 14:30 20-June-2023 15:00
SH202300067201 SDSC SHA Supply of Banian Waste, Cotton Rags and Kora Cloth 23-June-2023 12:30 23-June-2023 14:30
IS202300037901 URSC SMA Attenuator Pads (1,2,3,4,5 ,6 and 10dB) 07-June-2023 14:30 07-June-2023 15:00
HQ202300003001 ISRO HQ Enterprise level Implementation of Two instances of Nextcloud latest version in Highly Scalable LAMP Stack 20-June-2023 10:00 20-June-2023 10:01
SA202300082701 SAC Rotary Vacuum Pump 20-June-2023 12:53 20-June-2023 12:53
TR202300006001 ISTRAC Extended Warranty for Dell Servers 17-July-2023 17:00 18-July-2023 10:00
IP202300029401 IPRC Procurement of S.S. Round Rods 30-June-2023 10:00 30-June-2023 10:05
IP202300029701 IPRC Procurement of S.S. Hexagonal Rods, Sheets and Plates 30-June-2023 10:00 30-June-2023 10:05
VS202300164501 VSSC Development of INCONEL-718 hemi-spherical domes of 400 mm through additive manufacturing route 04-July-2023 14:00 04-July-2023 14:01
SA202300106601 SAC Pinch off Tube with Flange 22-June-2023 15:00 22-June-2023 15:30
IS202300059601 URSC Al6061T6 sheets 16-June-2023 14:30 16-June-2023 15:00
SH202300059501 SDSC SHA Replacement of 16 nos., of existing electro mechanical protective relays with Numeric relays at HT panels of SLP and VAB substations, SDSC SHAR. 21-June-2023 14:00 21-June-2023 16:00
VS202300221101 VSSC Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) 22-June-2023 14:00 22-June-2023 15:00
IP202300077101 IPRC Welding accessories 26-June-2023 14:00 26-June-2023 14:30
SA202200101901 SAC Space grade transistors 29-June-2023 17:09 29-June-2023 17:10
MC202300001701 MCF Supply of Outdoor Mount 750W C-Band TWTA with Integrated L-Band BUC and Linearizer 28-June-2023 16:30 29-June-2023 10:00
MC202300001801 MCF Supply of Ext C-Band 400 W Indoor Mount TWT Amplifier with Integrated Linearizer 28-June-2023 16:30 29-June-2023 10:00
IS202200173901 URSC RF Electromechanical Coaxial Switches 30-June-2023 14:30 30-June-2023 15:00
SA202300099101 SAC 8inch Single wafer storage and shipper 15-June-2023 10:10 15-June-2023 10:10
IS202200155001 URSC EEPROMs (5V and 3.3V) 23-June-2023 14:30 23-June-2023 15:00
IS202200129301 URSC 2- way and 4 -way Power Dividers/Combiner 30-June-2023 14:30 30-June-2023 15:00
IS202200111401 URSC WORK CONTRACT TO CARRY OUT ESD TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION 23-June-2023 14:30 23-June-2023 15:00
IS202300039701 URSC LVCMOS Crystal clock oscillator -72 MHz 19-June-2023 14:30 19-June-2023 15:00
MC202300003301 MCF SITC of 7.2m Ku-Band Full Coverage Antenna terminal and RF System at MCF-Bhopal 26-June-2023 16:30 27-June-2023 10:30
SA202300076701 SAC Gas cells 14-June-2023 10:00 14-June-2023 11:00
VS202200682601 VSSC High field solid state NMR spectrometer 07-August-2023 14:00 07-August-2023 14:01
IS202200143201 URSC Bare DICE P-MOS 03-July-2023 14:30 03-July-2023 15:00
IS202300059701 URSC Stainless Steel SS304 Plates & Rods 26-June-2023 14:30 26-June-2023 15:00
SA202200210101 SAC RF Coaxial Phase Shifter 03-July-2023 10:35 03-July-2023 10:35
SH202300019901 SDSC SHA Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Brewer Spectrometer with Three (3) years of warranty. 21-June-2023 14:00 22-June-2023 14:30
SA202300007201 SAC Fused Quartz Substrates for RF applications 27-June-2023 12:02 27-June-2023 12:02
IS202300061601 URSC TNC Adapters 26-June-2023 14:30 26-June-2023 15:00
IS202200148001 URSC Network Attached Storage 26-June-2023 14:30 26-June-2023 15:00
SA202200233701 SAC Benchtop Digital Multimeter 26-June-2023 13:00 26-June-2023 14:00
IN202300017001 IIST Thermo gravimetric Analyser 27-June-2023 14:00 27-June-2023 14:15
VS202200596101 VSSC FABRICATION AND SUPPLY OF YOKE 20-June-2023 14:00 20-June-2023 15:00
SH202300058901 SDSC SHA Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Robotic Sun Photometer Robotic with Three (3) years of warranty. Kindly refer Annexure - (i) for details. 07-June-2023 16:00 08-June-2023 14:30
IS202300028901 URSC GNSS Simulator 03-July-2023 14:30 03-July-2023 15:00
SA202300050001 SAC Rate Contract for Supplying Gold Potassium Cyanide (GPC) Salt Over a Period of Two Years 07-June-2023 09:24 07-June-2023 09:35