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This e-Procurement System facilitates vendors to view tenders released from all ISRO centres and then submit the bids online through this portal.

Important Information

  1. 1. ISRO has switched over to this new e-Procurement portal .
  2. 2. Old EGPS link will not publish new tenders.
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Public Tenders

Tender No Center Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
SA202100208001 SAC Signal Generator with source modules upto 500 GHz 23-August-2022 10:00 23-August-2022 11:00
IS202200111801 URSC 6 to19mm AA6061T651 sheets 26-August-2022 09:30 26-August-2022 10:00
IS202200099801 URSC wide band synthesizer 13-September-2022 09:30 13-September-2022 10:00
VS202200378801 VSSC Supply of Measuring Instruments 05-September-2022 11:00 06-September-2022 11:00
TR202200027501 ISTRAC Weather Radar nowcasting system 22-September-2022 17:00 26-September-2022 11:00
IS202200113101 URSC Nickel Foil 06-September-2022 09:30 06-September-2022 10:00
IS202200109801 URSC 160MHz RAIL TO RAIL OP-AMP WITH DISABLE 13-September-2022 09:30 13-September-2022 10:00
GI202200001801 IIRS Annual Maintenance Contract & Upgradation of Drupal based Web portals and Moodle based Learning Management Systems 22-August-2022 14:00 22-August-2022 15:30
IS202100053101 URSC instrumented coin tap system for Non Destructive Testing of Structural components 19-August-2022 09:30 19-August-2022 10:00
VS202200251801 VSSC Strain gauges 23-August-2022 10:00 23-August-2022 10:01
TR202200008001 ISTRAC Lucknow Internet Link 07-September-2022 17:00 08-September-2022 10:00
VS202200352501 VSSC Strain gauges 25-August-2022 14:00 25-August-2022 14:30
VS202200183801 VSSC Design, Development and Supply of Brushless DC motor 25-August-2022 10:30 25-August-2022 11:00
SA202200032501 SAC CLEANLINES MEASURING INSTRUMENT- 237B MET ONE & 3400 MET ONE 08-September-2022 17:54 09-September-2022 09:54
MC202200008901 MCF RG-58 coaxial cable 29-August-2022 16:00 30-August-2022 10:30
GN202200008501 NARL Instrument for measuring the size distribution of ambient ultra-fine aerosol 02-September-2022 10:30 02-September-2022 11:00
SH202200093201 SDSC SHA REPAINTING OF MOTR BORESIGHT TOWERS 29-August-2022 16:00 30-August-2022 14:30
VS202100271901 VSSC Surface Roughness and contour measuring machine. 02-September-2022 11:00 02-September-2022 14:00
IS202200090501 URSC Limting Logarthmic Amplifier 25-August-2022 09:30 25-August-2022 10:00
VS202200071301 VSSC New Super Computer Facility for VSSC 23-August-2022 16:00 23-August-2022 16:01
VS202200223601 VSSC Infrared lamps with annular cooling tubes 23-August-2022 14:00 23-August-2022 14:30
TR202200004401 ISTRAC Antenna control servo system (ACSS) 22-August-2022 17:00 23-August-2022 10:00
IS202200095001 URSC ESD Tables 19-August-2022 09:30 19-August-2022 10:00
VS202200242601 VSSC Processing and Supply of light weight silica phenolic composites 18-August-2022 14:00 18-August-2022 14:01
VS202200152501 VSSC 3T EOT Crane- Supply, Erection & Commissioning 18-August-2022 14:00 18-August-2022 14:02
SA202200004601 SAC FABRICATION AND SUPPLY OF SPACE ?GRADE GLASS EPOXY & GLASS POLYIMIDE PCBs 01-September-2022 09:33 01-September-2022 10:33
VS202200345201 VSSC Reconditioning of Dia.4m 4-Axis Double Column CNC Vertical Turning & Milling Machine 25-August-2022 14:00 25-August-2022 14:30
TR202200010301 ISTRAC Consoles for GS operations 09-September-2022 17:00 12-September-2022 11:00
VS202200373901 VSSC Supply of spill containment & dunnage pallet 22-August-2022 10:30 22-August-2022 11:00
VS202100543001 VSSC WIRE CRIMPING TOOLS & ACCESSORIES 29-August-2022 10:00 30-August-2022 12:00
VS202100425601 VSSC Desiccants & Humidity Indicator cards 26-August-2022 10:30 26-August-2022 11:00
NR202200011801 NRSC PCB Design, Fabrication & Assembly of Next Gen SPARC boards 09-September-2022 13:00 09-September-2022 15:00
SA202100133101 SAC 64 Mbit Space Grade MRAM Devices 22-August-2022 09:00 22-August-2022 10:00
SA202100174501 SAC Space Grade Resistors 22-August-2022 09:00 22-August-2022 10:00
IP202200068901 IPRC Propellant Transfer Units 23-August-2022 14:00 23-August-2022 15:00
LE202200021301 LEOS Annual Service, maintenance, service and Calibration Contract for Two Axes Motion Simulator - Make: Actidyne 29-August-2022 17:00 30-August-2022 10:30
TR202200024401 ISTRAC State-of-art Compact Android Based Voice Over IP System 23-August-2022 17:00 24-August-2022 10:00
SA202200124501 SAC Mu metal Alloy 26-August-2022 09:09 26-August-2022 09:09
VS202200182801 VSSC Supply and installation of rotavapor with vacuum pump and heating bath 06-September-2022 14:00 06-September-2022 14:01
IS202200073701 URSC Bare DICE P channel 2N7389 30-August-2022 09:30 30-August-2022 10:00
SA202200067401 SAC Soil Heat Flux System 18-August-2022 14:00 18-August-2022 16:39
IS202200081401 URSC Voltage Controlled Attenuator 30-August-2022 09:30 30-August-2022 10:00
SA202200141101 SAC LEXMARK CARTIDGE AND IMAGING UNIT 26-August-2022 09:26 26-August-2022 09:30
GI202200000101 IIRS AMC for Edusat Studio 01 Year Extendable to 01 more Year based on satisfactory service 29-August-2022 14:00 29-August-2022 15:30
SA202200142301 SAC Autodesk Product Design Software 22-August-2022 10:00 22-August-2022 11:00
IS202200009001 URSC RF Chip Attenuator 01-September-2022 09:30 01-September-2022 10:00
IS202200110901 URSC Supply of Argon Gas Cylinders 01-September-2022 09:30 01-September-2022 10:00
VS202200321601 VSSC Processing and Characterization of Ti-5Al-2.5Sn-ELI using Additive Manufacturing 20-September-2022 14:00 20-September-2022 14:01
IP202200065201 IPRC Coriolis mass flow meter for TPT facility 30-August-2022 14:00 30-August-2022 14:00
VS202200364901 VSSC Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Fixed Type Dust Collection System 31-August-2022 14:00 31-August-2022 14:30
VS202200133501 VSSC SS316L Structural materials 18-August-2022 14:00 18-August-2022 14:02
VS202200239701 VSSC Supply of SS 321 Powder for AM-DED process 30-August-2022 14:00 30-August-2022 15:00
SA202200095801 SAC GEL BASED TRAYS 02-September-2022 09:35 02-September-2022 09:35
SA202200134701 SAC Capacitors 26-August-2022 09:31 26-August-2022 09:31
VS202200380801 VSSC Auto retractable wire twister plier 25-August-2022 11:49 25-August-2022 15:49
HQ202200001001 ISRO HQ Supply of Microsoft Office LTSC Standard 2021 Volume License 26-August-2022 15:00 26-August-2022 15:00
IS202200088901 URSC MICRO-D CONNECTORS AND ACCESSORIES 23-August-2022 09:30 23-August-2022 10:00
VS202200366101 VSSC Crow Foot Adaptors with 3/8" square slot for drive 25-August-2022 15:34 26-August-2022 10:34
LE202200021701 LEOS Supply and Installation of CCTV Surveillance System 05-September-2022 17:00 06-September-2022 10:30
VS202200316201 VSSC 100 Lit capacity Glass reactor with process chiller 08-September-2022 14:00 08-September-2022 14:01
SA202200129301 SAC Resistors and ICs 29-August-2022 09:01 29-August-2022 09:20
IS202200046001 URSC Aluminum Foil Tape 23-August-2022 09:30 23-August-2022 10:00
IS202200080701 URSC Bolt style EMI Filter 23-August-2022 09:30 23-August-2022 10:00
IS202200091101 URSC SS 304 SPLIT PIN 25-August-2022 09:30 25-August-2022 10:00
IS202200086501 URSC Latching relays 25-August-2022 09:30 25-August-2022 10:00
VS202200360701 VSSC Process development and supply of Inconel 718 supportless LPBF processed spherical gas bottle 12-September-2022 14:00 12-September-2022 15:00
NR202200013601 NRSC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Ka band satellite link for Antarctica connectivity 15-September-2022 14:00 15-September-2022 14:01
VS202200397201 VSSC Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Training and Performance Demonstration of metal additive manufacturing software 12-September-2022 14:00 12-September-2022 15:00
SH202200106001 SDSC SHA Supply and Installation of Floor Topping system for PIF 01-September-2022 16:00 02-September-2022 14:30
SA202200132401 SAC Optical alignment stages 02-September-2022 09:04 02-September-2022 09:04
SA202200146101 SAC 3 Channel and Single Channel Power supply with DC Output 07-September-2022 09:01 07-September-2022 09:01
SH202200101101 SDSC SHA DC REGULATED POWER SUPPY UNITS 25-August-2022 16:00 26-August-2022 14:30
IP202200058401 IPRC Procurement of Manual Valves, Electro Pneumatic Valves & Control Valves for Augmentation of SCFT Facility 12-September-2022 10:00 12-September-2022 10:05
IP202200063701 IPRC STAINLESS STEEL FASTENER SETS 09-September-2022 10:00 09-September-2022 10:01
IS202200059701 URSC Hermetic sealed miniature snap-action switch & Actuator Lever for snap action Switch 19-August-2022 09:30 19-August-2022 10:00
IS202200092701 URSC Titanium Fasteners - G2H1 25-August-2022 09:30 25-August-2022 10:00
SH202200094401 SDSC SHA Work contract for Scrubber column refurbishment 08-September-2022 16:00 09-September-2022 14:30
SH202200099301 SDSC SHA Procurement of Liquid Anhydrous Ammonia 29-August-2022 14:00 30-August-2022 14:30
VS202200331801 VSSC Supply of dry cabinets 25-August-2022 10:30 25-August-2022 11:00
IP202100038501 IPRC Supply of strain measurement IDAS. 06-September-2022 14:00 06-September-2022 14:00
IP202200066601 IPRC Complete Rewinding and Servicing of 20MVA, 110/11kV Transformer. 01-September-2022 14:00 01-September-2022 15:00
VS202200358901 VSSC 3D PRINTING OF INCONEL 718 DIES AND PUNCHES 24-August-2022 14:00 24-August-2022 14:10
IU202200342301 IISU Atmospheric pressure plasma polishing gun 09-September-2022 14:00 09-September-2022 14:30
VS202200210301 VSSC Glass Bubbles 20-September-2022 14:00 20-September-2022 14:01
IP202200073601 IPRC C32 tank handling fixtures 02-September-2022 10:00 02-September-2022 10:01
TR202200023701 ISTRAC 1SP16T RF Matrix switch 27-September-2022 14:00 30-September-2022 14:00
IS202200104901 URSC Rate Contract for Hiring of A/c Taxies with GPS for a period of Two years 26-August-2022 09:30 26-August-2022 10:10
IS202200100901 URSC SS 304 AUSTENITIC STAINLESS STEEL PLAIN WASHER 26-August-2022 09:30 26-August-2022 10:00
IP202200069901 IPRC Pneumatic pressurisation setup for leak check 25-August-2022 14:00 25-August-2022 14:10