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Public Tenders

Tender No Center Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
VS202100428201 VSSC System On Chip (SOC) Evaluation Board 05-November-2021 16:32 08-November-2021 10:33
VS202100401201 VSSC Tools For Realization Of HRLV Checkout Systems -Cutter and Plier 05-November-2021 16:35 08-November-2021 16:36
SC202100006601 SCL Procurement of Photomask for wafer fabrication 25-October-2021 14:00 25-October-2021 14:30
VS202100401301 VSSC Mechanical stripper and T-Stripper for Harnessing of HRLV Checkout Systems 08-November-2021 10:06 08-November-2021 12:06
VS202100401401 VSSC Soldering Stations for HRLV Checkout System Realization 08-November-2021 10:09 08-November-2021 15:09
VS202100401501 VSSC Splice Crimping Tool for Realization of HRLV Checkout Systems 08-November-2021 15:19 08-November-2021 17:20
VS202100401601 VSSC Tag Crimping Tool for HRLV Checkout System Realization 08-November-2021 10:24 08-November-2021 13:24
MC202100019401 MCF Supply of Two Nos. of Outdoor Mount S-band high power RF Solid state power amplifier with optional two year extended warranty at MCF Hassan 21-October-2021 16:30 22-October-2021 10:30
VS202100305201 VSSC C-Band Waveguide High Power PRE-TR / Limiter 20-October-2021 12:23 21-October-2021 12:24
VS202100311901 VSSC RF vector Signal Generator 09-November-2021 11:00 11-November-2021 11:00
VS202100392701 VSSC Universal DIP sockets 26-October-2021 11:00 28-October-2021 11:00
VS202100403901 VSSC Signal Generator with Anlog Modulation 09-November-2021 11:00 11-November-2021 11:00
IS202100087801 URSC RF cable Assembly 22-October-2021 09:30 22-October-2021 10:00
IS202100095601 URSC Current Mode PWM Controller(5962-86704Type07-DIP8) 05-November-2021 09:30 05-November-2021 10:00
IS202100077101 URSC Stainless steel (SS440C) Round rods 05-November-2021 09:30 05-November-2021 10:00
TR202100017201 ISTRAC Handheld Spectrum and Vector Network Analyser 10-November-2021 17:00 12-November-2021 10:00
VS202100477401 VSSC Video processing board 28-October-2021 11:00 02-November-2021 11:00
VS202100457401 VSSC Line Receiver 28-October-2021 11:00 02-November-2021 11:00
SH202100036301 SDSC SHA Painting of safety systems SS/CS pipelines at FP/SLP/BSF. 21-October-2021 16:00 22-October-2021 14:30
VS202100319901 VSSC High Performance Stereo Microscope 21-October-2021 10:00 22-October-2021 10:00
SA202100075801 SAC Operations of GSAT-29 Ka and Ku-band Gateways at Chandigarh and Guwahati 25-November-2021 14:00 25-November-2021 14:30
MC202100019901 MCF Supply of WR-137 E and H, 90deg swept bends to MCF Hassan 21-October-2021 16:00 22-October-2021 10:00
MC202100019601 MCF Supply of WR137 and WR229 Cross Guide Couplers to MCF Hassan 09-November-2021 16:00 10-November-2021 10:00
MC202100020001 MCF Frequency Distribution Unit 09-November-2021 16:00 10-November-2021 10:00
TR202100001201 ISTRAC Hand held Spectrum Analyser 10-November-2021 17:00 12-November-2021 10:00
SA202100159001 SAC CAMC of Copier Machines, Rate Contract for Spares/Consumables and One Time Repair of Copiers 08-November-2021 14:00 08-November-2021 14:30
VS202100436201 VSSC SUPPLY OF HANDHELD ANALOG MULTIMETERS WITH POINTER DISPLAY 08-November-2021 10:10 08-November-2021 16:10
VS202100364301 VSSC DCDC Converters & EMI Filters for mSCUBI 25 Packages 08-November-2021 17:00 09-November-2021 12:00
VS202100057801 VSSC 68 pin Flat Pack Tie bar IC socket 19-October-2021 11:00 22-October-2021 11:00
SA202100142801 SAC Commercial SMA Connectors (Tab Type & Solder Pot) 22-October-2021 15:00 22-October-2021 15:30
SH202100077901 SDSC SHA Integrated Cable Trenches Maintenance 21-October-2021 16:00 22-October-2021 14:30
VS202100313701 VSSC DRY STORAGE CABINET 05-November-2021 11:00 09-November-2021 11:00
VS202100313001 VSSC K-Band Spectrum Analyzer 05-November-2021 11:00 09-November-2021 11:00
SH202100129401 SDSC SHA Clearing of Import and Export Consignments by CHA 20-October-2021 12:00 20-October-2021 14:00
VS202100433201 VSSC GAN Power amplifier 28-October-2021 11:00 30-October-2021 11:00
SH202100084801 SDSC SHA Consignment load handling contract 29-October-2021 12:00 29-October-2021 14:00
VS202100014501 VSSC EDDY CURRENT FLAW DETECTOR 28-October-2021 11:00 02-November-2021 11:00
VS202100311101 VSSC Supply of conformal coating materials for space application 12-November-2021 10:30 12-November-2021 11:00
VS202100244301 VSSC AMC of LPG system of 1m Hypersonic Wind Tunnel 04-November-2021 14:00 04-November-2021 15:00
VS202100107401 VSSC Angular Contact Bearings for SSLV Actuators 12-November-2021 10:30 12-November-2021 11:00
VS202100388701 VSSC Supply of Bolt Force Sensors for M6 , M8 , M10 and M16 sizes 19-October-2021 11:00 20-October-2021 11:00
MC202100019501 MCF Supply of outdoor mount 750W Ext. C-band TWT amplifiers with integral L-band BUC and Remote controller unit 03-November-2021 16:00 04-November-2021 10:00
VS202100356201 VSSC Spectrum Analyzer 25-October-2021 10:00 26-October-2021 10:00
VS202100373301 VSSC Ultrasonic flaw detector 25-October-2021 10:00 26-October-2021 10:00
VS202100436001 VSSC Hand held low frequency ultrasonic flaw detector 25-October-2021 10:00 26-October-2021 10:00
VS202100445201 VSSC RF SMA connector 25-October-2021 14:00 27-October-2021 10:00
VS202100315601 VSSC Twinax/Triax Male connector & Feed Through Female Adapter 02-November-2021 11:00 05-November-2021 11:00
VS202100453701 VSSC 4 PORT 3dB HYBRID COUPLER 26-October-2021 11:00 28-October-2021 11:00
VS202100423901 VSSC Passive components-TPM 26-October-2021 11:00 28-October-2021 11:00
IS202100010001 URSC Stainless Steel Foil of 75 microns thick 29-October-2021 09:30 29-October-2021 10:00
VS202100272301 VSSC Bidirectional Coupler 26-October-2021 11:00 28-October-2021 11:00
VS202100454101 VSSC SMA T Adapter 26-October-2021 11:00 28-October-2021 11:00
VS202100416801 VSSC Line Driver 03-November-2021 11:00 05-November-2021 11:00
VS202100417001 VSSC RS485 Transceiver 03-November-2021 11:00 05-November-2021 11:00
VS202100416701 VSSC Schmitt Trigger 03-November-2021 11:00 05-November-2021 11:00
SH202100060301 SDSC SHA Supply of Seamless Stainless Steel Pipes 21-October-2021 16:00 22-October-2021 14:30
VS202100043601 VSSC Supply of stereo microscopes 29-October-2021 11:00 01-November-2021 11:00
IS202100020301 URSC engineering grade-EL415 relay 22-October-2021 09:30 22-October-2021 10:00
IP202100035001 IPRC IP based explosion proof Intercom station 21-October-2021 14:00 21-October-2021 14:00
VS202100469801 VSSC General purpose Strain gauge- Linear pattern 15-November-2021 12:16 15-November-2021 14:16
TR202100019501 ISTRAC OpticalLink Source and Termination Standards 21-October-2021 17:00 22-October-2021 10:00
VS202100298801 VSSC Vapour Phase reflow Soldering System 01-November-2021 15:00 01-November-2021 15:30
SH202100098401 SDSC SHA Supply, Installation and commissioning of dual energy 5 / 9MeV industrial Linac based high energy X - ray machine for idustrial radiogrpahy 03-November-2021 12:00 03-November-2021 14:30
SH202100126101 SDSC SHA Supply, Installation & commissioning of 512 lines Harness Tester 09-November-2021 16:00 10-November-2021 14:30
IS202100043701 URSC HMC metal packages 26-October-2021 09:30 26-October-2021 10:00
IP202100058901 IPRC Replacement of AC plant for PS2/GS2 clean room facility 21-October-2021 14:00 21-October-2021 15:00
VS202100474201 VSSC Rate contract for carrying out Video processing 11-November-2021 14:00 11-November-2021 14:05
TR202100004601 ISTRAC RF Spectrum Analysers-upto 13GHz 05-November-2021 17:00 08-November-2021 10:00
VS202100315101 VSSC CMM (CO-ORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE) 21-October-2021 14:00 21-October-2021 14:20
TR202100012301 ISTRAC PARABOLIC REFLECTOR ANTENNA C-BAND 3.7 m to 3.8 m Dia 28-October-2021 17:00 01-November-2021 10:00
TR202100009201 ISTRAC NICE ICs and Devices 24-October-2021 17:00 25-October-2021 09:00
IS202100013301 URSC PORTABLE COATING THICKNESS METER 26-October-2021 09:30 26-October-2021 10:00
SC202100011501 SCL Specility gases Required for 6 Inch Thin Film and Dry Etching Tools 03-November-2021 14:30 03-November-2021 15:30
VS202100377801 VSSC Supply of Bearings for Gaganyaan 21-October-2021 11:00 22-October-2021 11:00
SA202100159101 SAC Vibration Robust Fizeau Interferometer 05-November-2021 09:07 05-November-2021 14:07
VS202100282701 VSSC CHEMICALS 05-November-2021 14:00 05-November-2021 14:01
SC202100009001 SCL Up-gradation of Performance Network Analyzer PNA-X. Model : N5241B, Sr.No: MY57181514, Make: Keysight/Agilent. 22-October-2021 11:00 22-October-2021 11:05
LE202100010101 LEOS Cryo - pump Cold Head and Compressor 28-October-2021 17:00 29-October-2021 10:30
LE202100016801 LEOS Optical Fiber Winding Machine 28-October-2021 17:00 29-October-2021 10:30
VS202100349601 VSSC Chip Resistors for mSCUBI 250 Packages 24-October-2021 17:00 25-October-2021 12:00
VS202100366201 VSSC Components for SSLV EMA AUX PSM 24-October-2021 17:00 25-October-2021 13:00
VS202100309901 VSSC Polyethylene Antistatic Foam 21-October-2021 11:00 21-October-2021 14:00
VS202100319101 VSSC Triplex Rotary Potentiometer 21-October-2021 11:00 22-October-2021 14:00
MC202100019801 MCF Supply of Flexible WR-284 Waveguides to MCF Hassan 28-October-2021 16:00 29-October-2021 10:00
SH202100043101 SDSC SHA OMPF Hydrant system 21-October-2021 16:00 22-October-2021 14:30
VS202100467001 VSSC Solder Terminal (Turret) for 3.18mm PCB 11-November-2021 09:03 12-November-2021 09:03
VS202100373101 VSSC Bench top type automatic hardness testing machines 28-October-2021 11:00 02-November-2021 11:00
VS202100466001 VSSC RF Absorber Sheet 28-October-2021 11:00 02-November-2021 11:00
SH202100119501 SDSC SHA WORK PACKAGE FOR TEST ACTIVITIES OF SMP&ETF 02-November-2021 16:00 03-November-2021 14:30
VS202100220401 VSSC Supply of HASL Machine 29-October-2021 11:00 01-November-2021 11:00
VS202100208101 VSSC Raw Material for PM Components 09-November-2021 14:00 09-November-2021 14:15
VS202100420501 VSSC Supply of Dry Film Stripping Machine 29-October-2021 11:00 02-November-2021 12:00
MC202100017701 MCF Outdoor Mount 750W C-Band TWT Amplifier with Integral L-Band BUC and Linearizer, Remote Control unit 21-October-2021 16:30 22-October-2021 10:30
VS202100355301 VSSC Leaded capacitors (4 Types) 05-November-2021 11:00 08-November-2021 11:00
SC202100007001 SCL Supply ,Installation and commissioning of ICP Reactive Ion Etch tool For Poly Silicon Etching 28-October-2021 14:30 28-October-2021 15:00
VS202100122701 VSSC Hexagonal Boron Nitride Powder 11-November-2021 14:00 11-November-2021 14:15
VS202100197301 VSSC Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits Decapsulator 09-November-2021 11:00 12-November-2021 11:00
TR202100008901 ISTRAC RF Signal Generator- upto 12GHz 10-November-2021 17:00 11-November-2021 10:00
TR202100018901 ISTRAC Optical Multiplexer 16-November-2021 03:27 16-November-2021 16:07
VS202100336701 VSSC High Freqeuncy Laminates 19-October-2021 11:00 21-October-2021 11:00
GI202100001101 IIRS Total Station with Integrated GNSS 08-November-2021 17:00 09-November-2021 11:00
VS202100313401 VSSC Raising and Lowering Hearth Furnace 02-November-2021 14:00 02-November-2021 14:15
SH202100075001 SDSC SHA Realization of Compressed air system & Breathing air system (CABA) and Eye wash & shower system for Orbital Module Preparation Facility (OMPF), 21-October-2021 16:00 22-October-2021 14:30
TR202100013701 ISTRAC Switches for Mission Network 11-November-2021 17:00 12-November-2021 10:00
TR202100011101 ISTRAC Ethernet Cum Serial BER Testers 10-November-2021 17:00 11-November-2021 10:00
VS202100422701 VSSC Manufacture and supply of 3D Printed PRU Hosuing 25-October-2021 14:00 25-October-2021 15:00
SA202100121201 SAC Ext-C band Low Noise Block Converter(LNBC), 2W Block Up Converter(BUC), 50W Block Up Converter(BUC) , 22-October-2021 15:00 22-October-2021 15:30
IS202100072401 URSC HMC POWER PACKAGE-H6 WITH MATCHED STEPPED LID 20-October-2021 09:30 20-October-2021 10:00
IS202100072501 URSC THICK FILM COMPOSTIONS 20-October-2021 09:30 20-October-2021 10:00
VS202100159401 VSSC Gauges with display monitor 20-October-2021 23:59 21-October-2021 14:30
VS202100352001 VSSC 8 Pin Wide SOIC IC socket 19-October-2021 11:30 22-October-2021 11:30
VS202100448401 VSSC Laser diode driver IC 08-November-2021 11:00 10-November-2021 11:00
VS202100337701 VSSC Inductor 25-October-2021 11:00 28-October-2021 11:00
VS202100435901 VSSC Digital Dial Indicator - 100 mm Range 27-October-2021 11:00 28-October-2021 11:00
VS202100173801 VSSC Moisture Barrier Bags (MBB) 21-October-2021 11:00 25-October-2021 11:00
VS202100163201 VSSC High purity Ionic Liquids 26-October-2021 14:00 26-October-2021 14:01
VS202100371001 VSSC Battery cathode materials 26-October-2021 14:00 26-October-2021 14:01
VS202100178601 VSSC Full HD Digital Video Microscope 19-October-2021 11:00 25-October-2021 12:28
VS202100378501 VSSC Supply of solvent storage cabinets 26-October-2021 14:00 26-October-2021 14:01
LP202100040401 LPSC Polycarbonate or PTFE Seals & Gaskets for Umbilicals 02-November-2021 14:00 02-November-2021 14:30
VS202100344701 VSSC Supply, Installation & Commissioning of 5-axis CNC Vertical Mill- Turn Centre 09-November-2021 14:00 09-November-2021 14:15
VS202100206001 VSSC Fabrication & Realisation of CUS EGC BLDC Motor as per the approved Process Control Document 08-November-2021 11:00 10-November-2021 11:00
VS202100316101 VSSC Manual socket assembly for ACS780, FLL120MK, FLM5359 09-November-2021 11:00 11-November-2021 11:00
VS202100435501 VSSC Isolated 4-Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Bandwidth 200 MHz 08-November-2021 11:00 10-November-2021 11:00
TR202100021401 ISTRAC SITC of 2x120KVA UPS for new 18mtr facility 18-November-2021 17:00 22-November-2021 10:00
VS202100408601 VSSC Logic State Analyzer 08-November-2021 11:00 10-November-2021 11:00
VS202100414301 VSSC Dry storage Cabinet 08-November-2021 10:30 08-November-2021 11:00
VS202100314601 VSSC Supply of press pad, release film, back up & entry sheets for fabrication of multilayed PCBs 05-November-2021 10:30 05-November-2021 11:00
VS202100367401 VSSC Procurement of 3.3V 1553 transceivers and SMT transformers 08-November-2021 11:00 10-November-2021 11:00
VS202100439201 VSSC Crystal Oscillator 08-November-2021 11:00 10-November-2021 11:00
IP202100059301 IPRC OPTICAL DISC ARCHIVAL [ODA] SYSTEM 21-October-2021 14:00 21-October-2021 14:00
VS202100367501 VSSC COMPOSITE SATELLITE PRODUCTS STORAGE SYSTEM 28-October-2021 10:00 28-October-2021 13:00
IP202100056201 IPRC Supply,Installation and Commissioning of 3.5/6 MeV Dual energy Linear Accelerator with Digital Imaging System and five axis manipulator 28-October-2021 14:00 28-October-2021 15:00
VS202100399601 VSSC Coolant Pumps for Fuel Cell Power Systems 01-November-2021 14:00 02-November-2021 14:15
VS202100309001 VSSC Supply FR4 & Polyimide copper cladded laminates and prepregs 09-November-2021 10:30 09-November-2021 11:00
VS202100313501 VSSC Supply of chemicals required for metallisation of PTH, additives for acid copper and solder plating of multilyared PCBs 08-November-2021 10:30 08-November-2021 11:00
VS202100092701 VSSC Hollow Shaft Absolute Encoder 05-November-2021 10:30 05-November-2021 11:00
VS202100321001 VSSC 350 bar pressure transducers 29-October-2021 11:00 01-November-2021 11:00
VS202100368201 VSSC Software Defined Radio + Baseband Processor Integrated Board with 2No?s Antenna 04-November-2021 12:37 05-November-2021 10:38
VS202100420801 VSSC Supply,Installation,commisioning and Training of Cold Storage (-20 deg cold storage with ante-room) 28-October-2021 10:00 28-October-2021 13:00
IP202100063701 IPRC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Liquid Particle Counter 05-November-2021 10:00 05-November-2021 10:01
VS202100431701 VSSC Al. Alloy Honeycomb cores & Aramid cores 28-October-2021 10:00 28-October-2021 13:00
VS202100411401 VSSC CYNATE PREPREGS AND ADHESIVES 28-October-2021 10:00 28-October-2021 13:00
VS202100423301 VSSC EPOXY PASTE ADHESIVES 28-October-2021 10:00 28-October-2021 13:00
VS202100414901 VSSC Uncured Silicon Rubber Sheet 28-October-2021 10:00 28-October-2021 13:00
VS202100428001 VSSC Carbon Fabric 28-October-2021 10:00 28-October-2021 13:00
IS202100046601 URSC MLCC capacitor 29-October-2021 09:30 29-October-2021 10:00
VS202100336901 VSSC High Freqeuncy Laminates 21-October-2021 11:00 26-October-2021 11:11
SA202100024901 SAC Need Based Contract for LASER Hermetic Sealing of Aluminium Packages 02-November-2021 09:51 02-November-2021 10:00
VS202100319801 VSSC Supply of PLC CPU and IO modules 26-October-2021 10:00 28-October-2021 10:00
VS202100310801 VSSC HIGH VACUUM PUMPING SYSTEMS AND ACCESSORIES 26-October-2021 10:00 28-October-2021 10:00
SA202100182101 SAC Quartz Prepreg Material 25-October-2021 14:00 25-October-2021 14:30
VS202100248801 VSSC Digital Surface Resistance Meter 21-October-2021 10:00 22-October-2021 10:00
VS202100004001 VSSC Vector Signal Generator 21-October-2021 10:00 22-October-2021 10:00
TR202100017301 ISTRAC Vector Signal Generator 01-November-2021 17:00 03-November-2021 10:00
SA202100162901 SAC Coaxial Adapters and Terminations 25-October-2021 14:00 25-October-2021 14:30
SC202100007901 SCL High Pressure Piston Phone 134dB GRAS IEC 60942 21-October-2021 14:30 21-October-2021 15:00
IS202100047101 URSC Nylon Lacing Cord 22-October-2021 09:30 22-October-2021 10:00
IS202100085201 URSC CMOS 4000 SERIES ICS 22-October-2021 09:30 22-October-2021 10:00
VS202100387001 VSSC Choke Ring Antenna for GNSS Application 20-October-2021 14:17 20-October-2021 14:17
TR202100014301 ISTRAC RF Signal Generator-upto 35GHz 18-November-2021 17:00 22-November-2021 10:00
VS202100378801 VSSC Wet film thickness gauges 28-October-2021 14:00 28-October-2021 14:01
VS202100415101 VSSC Procurement and bonding of strain gauges on Rocket Motor hardware and strain measurement while PPT (work order for 4250 nos of strain channels) 09-November-2021 14:00 09-November-2021 14:01
VS202100392201 VSSC Electrolyte for Batteries and Hybrid capacitors 28-October-2021 14:00 28-October-2021 14:01
VS202100451501 VSSC Sodium ion battery electrolytes 28-October-2021 14:00 28-October-2021 14:01
VS202100451101 VSSC Pouch cell tab materials 28-October-2021 14:00 28-October-2021 14:01
VS202100451401 VSSC Li ion battery electrolytes 28-October-2021 14:00 28-October-2021 14:01
SA202100182001 SAC Carbon Fibre Prepreg Materials 25-October-2021 14:00 25-October-2021 14:30
VS202000277901 VSSC Programmable Power Supplies 04-November-2021 11:00 09-November-2021 11:00
MC202100019301 MCF Supply of C-band and Ku-band co-axial Isolators 20-October-2021 16:00 21-October-2021 10:00
VS202100390601 VSSC Wideband GNSS Record and Replay Device 21-October-2021 14:00 22-October-2021 14:00
VS202100421301 VSSC Installation and commissioning of CCTV based surveillance system for PCM Production Hub buildings 02-November-2021 14:00 02-November-2021 14:01
IP202100057901 IPRC Supply of Liquid Oxygen 28-October-2021 14:00 28-October-2021 15:00
VS202100472201 VSSC USB to JTAG Converter Module 28-October-2021 11:00 02-November-2021 11:00
IS202100036001 URSC MICRO-D CONNECTORS AND ACCESSORIES 26-October-2021 09:30 26-October-2021 10:00
IS202100083001 URSC 54HC series ICs (3 types) 26-October-2021 09:30 26-October-2021 10:00
SA202100182901 SAC RF SPDT SWITCH 05-November-2021 09:19 05-November-2021 14:19
IS202100087201 URSC MACHINING AND SUPPLY OF ALUMINIUM RINGS FOR SM STRUCTURE (G1 MODEL) 28-October-2021 09:30 28-October-2021 10:00
HS202100000801 HSFC Design, development and supply of crew module recovery model 21-October-2021 14:00 21-October-2021 14:01
MC202100018601 MCF Static Transfer Switch For SCES # 10, 11 23-October-2021 16:00 24-October-2021 10:00
IP202100049101 IPRC High Pressure solenoid with dual coil 26-October-2021 14:00 26-October-2021 14:00
SA202100184101 SAC FPGA BASED MODEM HARDWARE 27-October-2021 16:59 27-October-2021 17:00
HQ202100002401 ISRO HQ Space Object Tracking Data for 100 objects for 6 months 30-November-2021 16:00 30-November-2021 16:01
TR202100022601 ISTRAC X-BAND LOW NOISE AMPLIFIER 11-November-2021 17:00 12-November-2021 10:00
SA202100120801 SAC Radiation Hardened SRAM 11-November-2021 16:49 12-November-2021 12:49
SA202100180301 SAC HIGH FLEXURE FLEXIBLE CABLE 26-October-2021 09:01 26-October-2021 09:01
VS202100146401 VSSC Card Frame Enclosures of Aluminium material suitable for 19 inch card sizes and with 4U and 5U height meeting the detailed supply conditions in indent. 25-October-2021 11:00 27-October-2021 11:00
VS202100315001 VSSC Realisation of Hydraulic Amplifier/Direct Drive Valve Spool/Sleeve for S200 FNC EHA System 08-November-2021 17:00 09-November-2021 14:15
IS202100066001 URSC PCI BASED DIO (Digital Input/Output) CARD and ACCESSORIES 28-October-2021 09:30 28-October-2021 10:00
IS202100085001 URSC Supply of Radiographic film viewer 09-November-2021 09:30 09-November-2021 10:00
IP202100047401 IPRC SUPPLY OF TYRES AND TUBES & FLAPS FOR DEPT. VEHICLES 11-November-2021 14:00 11-November-2021 14:01