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This e-Procurement System facilitates vendors to view tenders released from all ISRO centres and then submit the bids online through this portal.

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Public Tenders

Tender No Center Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
IS202200148401 URSC Amplifier Dice 20-December-2022 09:30 20-December-2022 10:00
SH202200161101 SDSC SHA Indian Space Station Model 12-December-2022 12:00 12-December-2022 14:00
SA202100134601 SAC Vacuum compatible assembled Rotary and Goniometric Stages 27-December-2022 09:49 27-December-2022 09:49
IS202200119201 URSC Metal Hardwares 12-December-2022 09:30 12-December-2022 10:00
SA202100230401 SAC UAV based hyperspectral VINIR-SWIR Coaligned system with LiDAR 26-December-2022 14:00 26-December-2022 14:30
VS202200451501 VSSC SUPPLY OF INCONEL 718 RING and BLOCKS 16-December-2022 14:00 16-December-2022 14:10
IS202200156501 URSC Fabrication, Assembly, Testing & Supply of CG-MI Adaptor & SS304L-Interface Ring for Crew Module 02-December-2022 09:30 02-December-2022 10:00
VS202200382601 VSSC Nozzle Free Ultrasonic Coating Machine 28-December-2022 14:00 28-December-2022 14:01
SA202100139801 SAC Noise Figure Analyzer upto 18GHz 27-December-2022 14:00 27-December-2022 14:30
IP202200105901 IPRC Supply, installation & commissioning of fluid servicing system for Automated Continuous Cleaning Facility (ACCF) 14-December-2022 15:00 14-December-2022 15:05
LP202100045701 LPSC Supply of ICSS-14-5 PH stainless steel rods rods 20-December-2022 14:30 20-December-2022 14:35
SA202100131401 SAC NPN Silicon-Germenium RF Transistor BFY 740 23-December-2022 14:00 23-December-2022 14:30
VS202200112201 VSSC High Resistance Meter for isolation measurement 12-December-2022 10:30 12-December-2022 11:00
IN202200018601 IIST Thermo gravimetric Analyser 20-December-2022 14:00 20-December-2022 14:15
IS202200144901 URSC Spares for Chiller and Package AC Units 14-December-2022 11:00 14-December-2022 11:05
IS202200146701 URSC FABRICATION AND SUPPLY OF SHEARWEB PLATE ASSEMBLY 08-December-2022 09:30 08-December-2022 10:00
VS202200143301 VSSC Flameproof weighing balance 06-January-2023 14:00 06-January-2023 14:01
SA202100114701 SAC 300mm 3-axes assembled linear stages 26-December-2022 09:27 26-December-2022 09:27
SA202200195301 SAC SPACE QUALIFIED RF TRANSFORMERS 09-December-2022 14:00 09-December-2022 14:30
IP202200108601 IPRC EXECUTION OF SPORADIC WORK OUTSOURCING PACKAGE FOR S & FS 08-December-2022 14:00 08-December-2022 14:30
VS202200368901 VSSC Design, Realization,Supply, Installation and commissioning of Braiding machine and bobbin winding machine at VSSC 19-December-2022 14:00 19-December-2022 14:01
IS202200112201 URSC Platinum Conductor Thick Film Composition 12-December-2022 09:30 12-December-2022 10:00
TR202200031801 ISTRAC RF Coaxial Power Divider and Isolators 02-January-2023 17:00 03-January-2023 10:00
VS202200238301 VSSC SUPPLY OF GRAPHITE RODS 29-December-2022 14:00 29-December-2022 14:01
IP202200109801 IPRC Rate Contract for Painting Works of Department Vehicles for a period of TWO years 14-December-2022 10:00 14-December-2022 10:05
IS202200149001 URSC Crimpable Splice contacts and shrinkable sleeves 15-December-2022 09:30 15-December-2022 10:00
IP202200098501 IPRC AMC of Starret Vertical Profile Projectors 21-December-2022 14:00 21-December-2022 14:10
TR202200033401 ISTRAC CAMC for ISILON Storage Solution 17-January-2023 17:00 18-January-2023 10:00
TR202200034101 ISTRAC Supply of X/Ka Special waveguide Bends 05-December-2022 17:00 06-December-2022 10:30
VS202200373101 VSSC SUPPLY OF VOD METER AND ACCESSORIES 19-December-2022 14:00 19-December-2022 14:01
IS202100086701 URSC Hydraulic powerpack with cylinders for static testing 06-December-2022 09:30 06-December-2022 10:00
SH202200157801 SDSC SHA Minor fabrication works at UT/SLP 29-December-2022 16:00 30-December-2022 14:30
IS202200112301 URSC LTCC Based circuit/ module fabrication and testing 21-December-2022 09:30 21-December-2022 10:00
SA202200078201 SAC Bolt Force Sensors 15-December-2022 10:00 15-December-2022 10:30
VS202200284001 VSSC Ti6Al4V-ELI alloy filler wire spools 29-December-2022 14:00 29-December-2022 15:00
SH202200156801 SDSC SHA Fabrication and supply of Brass model of Human Rated Launch Vehicle (HRLV) scaled models 01-December-2022 12:00 01-December-2022 14:00
VS202100627501 VSSC Laser Diode System and accessories 15-December-2022 14:00 15-December-2022 14:10
TR202200006301 ISTRAC RF Matrix Switch 19-December-2022 17:00 21-December-2022 10:00
IS202200152901 URSC CONTACTS FOR DBAS CIRCULAR CONNECTORS 15-December-2022 09:30 15-December-2022 10:00
IS202200118201 URSC HEAT SHRINKABLE SLEEVES 08-December-2022 09:30 08-December-2022 10:00
SA202100139701 SAC Vector Network Analyzer upto 20GHz 15-December-2022 14:00 15-December-2022 14:30
VS202200417501 VSSC M56 UD & BD Carbon Prepreg 09-January-2023 14:00 09-January-2023 14:30
TR202200025701 ISTRAC GNSS Time Transfer Receiver 19-December-2022 10:00 19-December-2022 17:00
IS202200103801 URSC Comprehensive AMSC for 5 axis CNC honeycomb milling machine. 05-December-2022 09:30 05-December-2022 10:00
IS202200126801 URSC LOW RANGE DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE SENSOR 15-December-2022 09:30 15-December-2022 10:00
VS202200592801 VSSC Design, realization and testing of pressure vessel with instruments 02-December-2022 14:00 02-December-2022 14:01
VS202200475801 VSSC Supply and Installation of Metallurgical Microscope 02-December-2022 10:30 02-December-2022 11:00
SH202200096501 SDSC SHA Design, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 2000 250 kg/hr Hammer Mill and Its Subsystems 06-December-2022 12:00 06-December-2022 12:05
IS202200130101 URSC TURBO MOLECULAR PUMP WITH ACCESSORIES 08-December-2022 09:30 08-December-2022 10:00
VS202200236701 VSSC Integrated Automatic NDT X-Ray Film Processor with Cascade Fixing System and Infrared Dryer 07-December-2022 10:00 07-December-2022 10:01
SA202100227101 SAC Laser linewidth analyzer as per attached specifications 02-December-2022 10:41 02-December-2022 10:41
SH202200076701 SDSC SHA SITC of 22kV/433V 2MVA Transformer 22-December-2022 14:00 23-December-2022 14:30
IS202200121001 URSC Libero platinum floating license (LIB-PL-F-5YR) 02-December-2022 09:30 02-December-2022 10:00
VS202200553701 VSSC Supply of 4D Carbon Fiber Preform 08-December-2022 14:00 08-December-2022 14:30
TR202200031301 ISTRAC Workstations for GMCC and GMF 19-December-2022 17:00 21-December-2022 11:00
SA202100130801 SAC Space Qualified Resistors RM0705 & RM0402 07-December-2022 14:00 07-December-2022 15:00
TR202200015301 ISTRAC Low noise Frequency Distribution units 22-December-2022 17:00 23-December-2022 10:00
TR202200015501 ISTRAC High Frequency switch 22-December-2022 17:00 23-December-2022 10:00
SA202100139901 SAC Analog RF Signal Generator upto 20GHz 16-December-2022 14:00 16-December-2022 14:30
SH202200160001 SDSC SHA Branch trimming in and around the facilities and Vegetation Clearance for 224 Buildings 12-December-2022 16:00 12-December-2022 16:00
VS202200459501 VSSC Inverted Metallurgical Optical Microscope with Image Analysis System 20-December-2022 14:00 20-December-2022 14:05
MC202200013801 MCF Hiring of TTC Network Stations Support for TDS-01 mission of ISRO, for TOSS & Electric Orbit Raising operations. 15-December-2022 16:00 16-December-2022 10:00
LP202200064101 LPSC Supply of Cryo UTM for Cryogenic Temperature Testing 13-December-2022 14:30 13-December-2022 14:35
SH202200157701 SDSC SHA CLEARANCE OF VEGETATION ALONG THE BALCK TOP ROAD & FIRE APPROACH ROAD 12-December-2022 16:00 12-December-2022 16:01
SA202200194501 SAC Radiation Hardened SRAM 07-December-2022 14:00 07-December-2022 16:00
SH202200156501 SDSC SHA Fabrication and supply of Brass model of GSLV MK-III scaled models 01-December-2022 12:00 01-December-2022 14:00
SC202200020801 SCL Wet etch chemicals (8 Types) 07-December-2022 14:30 07-December-2022 15:00
SH202200050201 SDSC SHA CAMC for servicing and maintenance of Kirloskar make screw chillers located at SDSC SHAR for a period of Two Years 12-December-2022 16:00 12-December-2022 16:01
SA202200079701 SAC APBN rods for TWTA 01-December-2022 12:00 01-December-2022 12:30
IP202200110501 IPRC Supply of High spatial resolution photo detectors 12-December-2022 14:00 12-December-2022 14:30
SA202100012401 SAC vapor phase soldering fluid 08-December-2022 09:23 08-December-2022 10:23
TR202200021701 ISTRAC OpticalLink Source and Termination Standards 23-December-2022 17:00 23-December-2022 17:30
IN202200033101 IIST Vector Signal Generator 13-December-2022 14:00 13-December-2022 14:10
IN202200018901 IIST DIFFERENTIAL SCANNING CALORIMETER 15-December-2022 14:00 15-December-2022 14:10
LP202200060001 LPSC Supply Installation and Commissioning of Measurement and Command System for ILFC Facility 09-January-2023 14:00 09-January-2023 14:30
IS202200131601 URSC Current Transducer 02-December-2022 09:30 02-December-2022 10:00
IS202200159901 URSC 160MHz RAIL TO RAIL OP-AMP WITH DISABLE 19-December-2022 09:30 19-December-2022 10:00
TR202200027801 ISTRAC LEO, MEO, GEO LUT Signal Acquisition, Processing &Waveform generator System 12-December-2022 17:00 13-December-2022 10:00
SC202200019001 SCL HYDROGEN BROMIDE (HBr) and DIFLUOROMETHANE (CH2F2) gases 14-December-2022 14:30 14-December-2022 15:00
SA202100137201 SAC Space Qualified CDR35 & CWR29 Capacitors 16-December-2022 14:00 16-December-2022 14:30
SA202200160401 SAC Integrated Server Solution for Ground Network 16-December-2022 14:00 16-December-2022 14:30
TR202200027101 ISTRAC Phased Array MEOLUT Data Acquisition & Processing System 08-December-2022 17:00 09-December-2022 10:00
VS202200351501 VSSC Supply and installation of the instrument for aerosol black carbon and spectral absorption measurements 20-December-2022 14:00 20-December-2022 15:00
SH202200159601 SDSC SHA NC AMC FOR EOT CRANES 22-December-2022 16:00 23-December-2022 14:30
VS202200575501 VSSC Supply of stereo microscopes 02-December-2022 10:30 02-December-2022 11:00
SA202200199901 SAC Annual Medical Examination for CISF Personnel for the year 2022 under SHAPE 02-December-2022 12:00 02-December-2022 12:30
LB202200021801 LPSC SUPPLY, INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING OF CNC WIRE EDM CUTTING MACHINE 15-December-2022 14:00 15-December-2022 14:30
VS202200393501 VSSC SUPPLY, INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING OF CNC THREAD ROLLING MACHINE 12-December-2022 14:00 12-December-2022 15:00
IS202200142401 URSC Be Cu Sheets 12-December-2022 09:30 12-December-2022 10:00
GI202200003601 IIRS Annual Maintenance Contract & Upgradation of Drupal based Web portals and Moodle based Learning Management Systems 01-December-2022 11:30 01-December-2022 12:00
IS202200129101 URSC Operation and Maintenance of Raw Material Cutting Facility 06-December-2022 09:30 06-December-2022 10:00
SH202200142801 SDSC SHA Supply of ground servicing Pneumatic rigs for CPCS and associated spare flow components and spare kits for flow components 15-December-2022 16:00 16-December-2022 14:30
VS202200598101 VSSC Black Anodized Aluminum Heat Sink with 65mm Length 01-December-2022 14:00 01-December-2022 14:10
IS202200133401 URSC MLCC Capacitor 02-December-2022 09:30 02-December-2022 10:00
TR202200019301 ISTRAC X-band Test Loop Translator 05-January-2023 17:00 09-January-2023 11:00
IS202200093901 URSC T-TYPE THERMOCOUPLE WIRE 12-December-2022 09:30 12-December-2022 10:00
IP202200105401 IPRC Supply of DM Water tanker with trailer for CDMP 21-December-2022 10:00 21-December-2022 10:05
LP202200069901 LPSC Supply, installation, commisioning and demonstration of High pressure test facilities of MTRL at LPSC Valiamala 30-December-2022 14:30 30-December-2022 14:30
VS202200601601 VSSC OFHC Copper sheets, foils and rods 03-January-2023 14:00 03-January-2023 14:10
VS202200352601 VSSC Realization of S139 Cylindrical Segments through Counter Roller Flow Forming 12-January-2023 14:00 12-January-2023 14:01
IP202200115401 IPRC Scrubber liquid mixing vessels 06-December-2022 14:00 06-December-2022 15:00
IS202200137401 URSC FABRICATION OF CATF BACKUP FIXTURE ASSEMBLY 06-December-2022 09:30 06-December-2022 10:00
TR202200015401 ISTRAC Active Hydrogen MASER 09-January-2023 17:00 10-January-2023 10:00
HQ202200006001 ISRO HQ Rate Contract for Hiring of Plain Photocopier Machines 08-December-2022 10:30 08-December-2022 10:31
SH202200110301 SDSC SHA Procurement of refrigerated Liquid Helium in ISO containers 12-December-2022 10:00 12-December-2022 10:30
SA202200100701 SAC Space Grade Wideband synthesizer with in-built VCO 22-December-2022 10:00 22-December-2022 14:00
IS202200128301 URSC SAWFILTER 15-December-2022 09:30 15-December-2022 10:00
VS202100645501 VSSC CT Reconstruction and Volume Visualisation Modules for Computed Tomography Applications 09-January-2023 14:00 09-January-2023 14:30
IP202200104201 IPRC One Time Servicing of Self Cooking Centres 19-December-2022 14:00 19-December-2022 14:30
IS202200023401 URSC NonComprehensive AMSC for Pluritec CNC machines for a period of 2 years extendable for 1 more year 19-December-2022 09:00 19-December-2022 09:30
IP202200112401 IPRC Sporadic Work Outsourcing Contract for WCF group of EAIE, IPRC for a period of Two years as per the work description attached in Annexure A to E 19-December-2022 14:00 19-December-2022 14:30
MC202200014901 MCF Supply of High speed Diesel 14-December-2022 16:30 15-December-2022 10:00
SA202100212701 SAC SPECTRO-RADIOMETER 27-December-2022 09:07 27-December-2022 09:07
IS202100074101 URSC 6-Axis Positioning System (Hexapod/Stewart Platform) 08-December-2022 09:30 08-December-2022 10:00
SA202100219601 SAC Commercial 50 Ohm Hermetic glass seal 21-December-2022 09:00 21-December-2022 10:00
IP202200121701 IPRC Calibration of Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges in the pressure range of 5 to 600 bar & Digital Pressure gauges in the pressure range of 5 to 100 bar at IPRC Mahendragiri as per Annexure-I 21-December-2022 10:00 21-December-2022 10:05
TR202200007701 ISTRAC Antenna Mechanical System and Servo system of Ka band Cloud Radar 02-December-2022 17:00 05-December-2022 10:00