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Tender No Centre Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
SA202400023001 SAC Manufacturing of Antenna Structure 04-March-2024 11:18 04-March-2024 12:18
IU202300417501 IISU Heat transfer fluid - GALDEN HT110 11-March-2024 14:15 11-March-2024 15:15
IP202400017001 IPRC Sporadic outsourcing contract for executing the activities in ESAIG for Two Years. 21-March-2024 10:00 21-March-2024 10:05
IS202300134901 URSC Harmonic Drive Gear 13-March-2024 14:30 13-March-2024 15:00
VS202300442901 VSSC Fabrication, Supply & Installation of Battery management system (BMS) with voltage monitoring interface with the given specifications 19-March-2024 15:00 19-March-2024 16:00
SH202300187001 SDSC SHA Supply of SS Bins 13-March-2024 14:00 13-March-2024 14:30
LP202300032901 LPSC Chemical Fume Hood 20-March-2024 12:00 20-March-2024 12:05
IS202300165901 URSC Compact Automated Test System for DC-DC converters : 5Nos 12-March-2024 14:30 12-March-2024 15:00
SA202300268401 SAC Single Photon Counting Module for 1550nm wavelength 19-March-2024 14:53 19-March-2024 15:53
LP202400016201 LPSC CCTV Systems 20-March-2024 14:30 20-March-2024 14:30
PR202400002601 PRL SiPM sensors as per attached specifications 12-March-2024 10:01 12-March-2024 11:01
IP202400014001 IPRC Work Contract for Cryo and Semi Cryo Engine Assembly activities 19-March-2024 14:00 19-March-2024 16:10
IS202300153801 URSC PLC based Control and measurement system for 2.0 m Thermal vacuum Chamber 18-March-2024 10:30 18-March-2024 11:00
LB202300040001 LPSC Rate contract for Material testing 19-March-2024 14:00 19-March-2024 14:30
VS202400047801 VSSC Clip File 12-March-2024 14:00 12-March-2024 14:30
IS202300127601 URSC EM GRADE 40 W DC-DC CONVERTERS 05-March-2024 09:30 05-March-2024 10:00
IP202400016701 IPRC Procurement of gaseous Methane 12-March-2024 11:30 12-March-2024 11:31
IS202300129501 URSC Materials for Multilayer insulation blankets 04-March-2024 14:30 04-March-2024 15:00
IU202400061801 IISU Assembly and vacuum processing ILG sensing units 04-March-2024 14:00 04-March-2024 15:00
VS202300202501 VSSC Welding Power Source 19-March-2024 14:00 19-March-2024 14:05
VS202300474301 VSSC Instrument for the measurements of aerosol scattering properties 18-March-2024 14:00 18-March-2024 15:00
LB202400004401 LPSC Design, Realisation & testing of Electrical Ground Support System for ECLSS 07-March-2024 14:00 07-March-2024 14:30
LB202300041201 LPSC Ultrasonic phased array flaw detector 14-March-2024 14:00 14-March-2024 14:30
LB202400003301 LPSC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Nuclear Grade Graphite Foil Sheet For High Vacuum Chamber 14-March-2024 14:00 14-March-2024 14:30
SA202400011001 SAC Annual Maintenance Contract of Telephone Lines 04-March-2024 12:53 04-March-2024 13:53
LE202400004301 LEOS 1550 nm High Gain Semiconductor Optical Amplifier 07-March-2024 17:00 08-March-2024 10:30
IP202400017701 IPRC Rate Contract for Hiring Taxi AC Sedan Cars for a period of Two years 04-March-2024 10:00 04-March-2024 10:05
LE202400002301 LEOS Refilling of DI water cartridges with resin 07-March-2024 17:00 08-March-2024 10:30
LE202400004201 LEOS Multifunction Integrated Optic Chip 07-March-2024 17:00 08-March-2024 10:30
IS202300128301 URSC ALDEC BOARD for RTAX2000S CG624 14-March-2024 14:30 14-March-2024 15:00
VS202400023901 VSSC Fabrication and Assembly of Crew Escape Ogive Shroud 15-March-2024 14:00 15-March-2024 15:00
IS202300129201 URSC P-Channel, 100V, Bare Dice 2N7389 01-March-2024 14:30 01-March-2024 15:00
SA202300016501 SAC Polarimeter 07-March-2024 11:00 07-March-2024 12:00
SA202300087801 SAC Ground Based Lidar System for Atmospheric Studies 18-March-2024 14:00 18-March-2024 14:30
SA202400008001 SAC High Data Rate Optical DPSK Phase Demodulator 08-March-2024 10:00 08-March-2024 11:00
SA202300148101 SAC Ka band 120W Dual LCTWTAs 01-March-2024 15:00 01-March-2024 16:00
VS202300636701 VSSC Supply of Liquid Helium in 250 litre dewar 28-March-2024 10:00 28-March-2024 10:01
VS202400022101 VSSC Indent for new sitting place at FAST facility 07-March-2024 14:00 07-March-2024 14:00
SA202400023101 SAC Electron Multiplying Frame Transfer CCD 19-March-2024 15:00 19-March-2024 15:30
VS202300318901 VSSC Snow Pack Analyzer (SPA) including snow depth sensor (up to 2.5 m snow depth) and SPA calibration kit 14-March-2024 14:00 14-March-2024 15:00
HS202400006001 HSFC Anthropomorphic Instrumented Test Device (ATD) with modifications of straight lumbar spine (FAA) for CSA design of Gaganyaan 28-February-2024 14:00 28-February-2024 14:30
SA202300260501 SAC Annual Medical Examination for CISF Personnel for the year 2023 under SHAPE 05-March-2024 11:00 05-March-2024 12:00
SA202300142201 SAC Space Qualified Schmitt Trigger Hex Inverter IC 54ACT14 or Equivalent 05-March-2024 14:00 05-March-2024 15:00
HS202400006101 HSFC Anthropomorphic Instrumented Test Device (ATD) with curved lumbar spine for CSA design of Gaganyaan 29-February-2024 10:00 29-February-2024 10:30
SA202300026001 SAC Time Tagger Module 11-March-2024 14:00 11-March-2024 14:30
LP202400012101 LPSC Professional Flash Light Kit 05-March-2024 14:00 05-March-2024 14:30
LP202400013801 LPSC Gimbal Stabilizer 05-March-2024 14:00 05-March-2024 14:30
VS202300570301 VSSC supply installation comissioning and demonstration of Eddy Current Array Flaw Detector 14-March-2024 14:00 14-March-2024 14:05
VS202300569601 VSSC Supply installation comissioning and demonstration of Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector 19-March-2024 14:00 19-March-2024 14:05
SA202400004201 SAC Fixed Focal Length (300mm) Camera Lens 11-March-2024 12:00 11-March-2024 12:30
IU202300585101 IISU STRUCTURED LIGHT 3D SCANNER 11-March-2024 14:00 11-March-2024 14:15
IU202400057801 IISU Procurement of MIL temp components, Substrate, Packages, Fabrication and Screening of MIL temp HMC DC-DC Converters 26-February-2024 11:30 26-February-2024 14:30
HS202400002001 HSFC Anthropomorphic Instrumented Test Device (ATD) - 5th pc female - for CSA design of Gaganyaan 26-February-2024 10:00 26-February-2024 10:30
IS202300124801 URSC BATTERY-OPERATED VEHICLE 29-February-2024 14:30 29-February-2024 15:00
IS202400004201 URSC Supply of Shoe covers for cryogenic Applications 29-February-2024 14:30 29-February-2024 15:00
IU202300656701 IISU Layout design, procurement of components, substrate and package, fabrication, testing and supply of ZVS full bridge converter - Primary and Secondary HMCs - 2sets 07-March-2024 16:36 08-March-2024 11:00
VS202400055201 VSSC Supply of AM Grade Inconel 939 powder 08-March-2024 14:00 08-March-2024 14:05
VS202300518101 VSSC Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Erection of 10 T Capacity Double Girder Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes (EOT Crane) for the Proposed building for housing CNC-VTMC machine for RPFF at TERLS 12-March-2024 14:00 12-March-2024 14:05
VS202300677401 VSSC Supply, installation and commissioning of ultra-high purity nitrogen gas generator 08-March-2024 14:00 08-March-2024 14:01
IS202300175401 URSC Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DWV) and Insulation Resistance (IR) tester 28-February-2024 14:30 28-February-2024 15:00
IS202300174801 URSC Rate Contract for the collection of chemical effluents from HDI facility ISITE, Treatment and safe disposal at vendor premises and AIr quality Monitoring 28-February-2024 14:00 28-February-2024 14:30
VS202300313701 VSSC Magnets for S200 FNC system 05-March-2024 10:30 05-March-2024 11:00
VS202400003501 VSSC Supply of AM Grade CuCrZr and CuCrNb powder 07-March-2024 14:00 07-March-2024 14:05
SA202300264101 SAC INDIUM SHEET 04-March-2024 10:49 04-March-2024 11:49
PR202400000601 PRL Dichroic beamsplitters 05-March-2024 17:00 11-March-2024 21:46
LB202400001601 LPSC LASER microscope 05-March-2024 14:00 05-March-2024 14:30
LP202400007501 LPSC Calibration of portable gas monitor - Honeywell BW Max XT II 05-March-2024 14:30 05-March-2024 14:35
SA202400000201 SAC BARE PCB FABRICATION (RIGID FLEX-IRG8619) 05-March-2024 11:10 05-March-2024 12:10
SA202300226601 SAC Military Grade Clock Oscillators 06-March-2024 14:00 06-March-2024 14:30
SA202400003501 SAC DC-50GHz High Power Coaxial Cable Assemblies 04-March-2024 15:57 04-March-2024 16:57
IS202300108901 URSC Diamond Telescope Detector 26-February-2024 14:30 26-February-2024 15:00
IS202300176201 URSC Ultra low humidity and fast dehumidifying dry cabinet 26-February-2024 14:30 26-February-2024 15:00
IS202300173901 URSC Supply, Installation and commissioning of Automatic Tin-Lead Stripping System for Fabrication of Space grade PCBs. 26-February-2024 14:30 26-February-2024 15:00
VS202300660501 VSSC VLF up-converter 07-March-2024 14:00 07-March-2024 15:00
VS202400026701 VSSC 50kN UNIVERSAL TESTING MACHINE 11-March-2024 14:00 11-March-2024 14:01
VS202400032801 VSSC LASER BASED NON-CONTACT DISPLACEMENT TRANSDUCER 14-March-2024 14:00 14-March-2024 14:30
VS202400026901 VSSC Fabrication, Testing and Supply of Yoke 14-March-2024 14:00 14-March-2024 14:30
IS202300161401 URSC Pear shaped master link 23-February-2024 14:30 23-February-2024 15:00
IU202400053601 IISU Development and Realization of Electronics for MRAP as Turnkey 29-February-2024 14:00 29-February-2024 15:00
VS202400016001 VSSC fabrication and supply of crew module Apex cover assembly 14-March-2024 14:00 14-March-2024 14:30
GI202300000601 IIRS C-AMC of Admission Portal, Student ERP and Support for Distance Learning Studio for one year and extendable to two more years upon satisfactory certificate from IIRS 26-February-2024 15:00 26-February-2024 15:30
SA202300229001 SAC BIT/SOCKET/ADAPTOR 01-March-2024 14:00 01-March-2024 14:30
LB202300042101 LPSC Design, Fabrication, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 6000 Litre Liquid Nitrogen storage tank along with accessories for Liquid Nitrogen filling and withdrawal 12-March-2024 14:00 12-March-2024 14:30
VS202400030701 VSSC Supply of AM grade powder for AlSi10Mg 29-February-2024 14:00 29-February-2024 14:05
VS202300642301 VSSC Refurbishment of Heat Exchanger of High pressure system of HWT 29-February-2024 14:00 29-February-2024 14:30
SA202200207501 SAC Space/EM Grade Ethernet PHY 28-February-2024 14:00 28-February-2024 14:30
IP202400008301 IPRC Supply of ON GRID, MPPT based Three phase solar inverters (20 KW & 10 KW) 26-February-2024 11:30 26-February-2024 12:00
SA202300265101 SAC Rate Contract for Supplying Gold Potassium Cyanide (GPC) Salt Over a Period of Two Years 27-February-2024 12:13 27-February-2024 13:13
TR202300031401 ISTRAC AMC of UPSs & STSs of PILLER make installed at IDSN, Bylalu. 29-February-2024 17:00 01-March-2024 10:00
VS202300210301 VSSC Fabrication, Screening and supply of HMCs as per the attached scope of work 29-February-2024 14:00 29-February-2024 15:00
LP202200064701 LPSC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of DAQ system for RF driven plasma engine diagnostics 14-March-2024 12:00 14-March-2024 12:05
IS202400003501 URSC Bare DICE P-MOS 22-February-2024 14:30 22-February-2024 15:00
VS202300402101 VSSC Automatic Storage & Retrieval System - ASRS 22-February-2024 10:30 22-February-2024 11:00
IP202300162201 IPRC Supply of industrial grade miniature 4-pin connectors 22-February-2024 14:00 22-February-2024 14:01
MC202400000301 MCF SITC of 7.2m C band FCA with RF Systems 01-March-2024 16:30 04-March-2024 10:00
SA202300218201 SAC On-site Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract - CAMC of PCs, Laptops and Printers 22-February-2024 14:00 22-February-2024 14:30
MC202300016501 MCF SITC of two numbers of 7.2m C-Band Full Coverage Antenna Terminal & RF System at MCF Bhopal 28-February-2024 16:30 29-February-2024 10:00
SH202400002101 SDSC SHA DataDiode 28-February-2024 17:30 28-February-2024 17:31
SA202300153001 SAC High Voltage Chip Resistors 22-February-2024 14:00 22-February-2024 14:30
VS202300441901 VSSC Installation and Commissioning of Thermal evaporation system 11-March-2024 14:00 11-March-2024 14:01
LB202300038901 LPSC Design, Fabrication, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Demonstration of Gas Distribution System, Propellant Feed System and associated utilities for MPTTF in LPSC, Tumakuru 05-March-2024 14:00 05-March-2024 14:30
IS202400003701 URSC MOSFET Dice 06-March-2024 14:30 06-March-2024 15:00
VS202400016301 VSSC Revamping of Hydraulic subsystem of existing 1000 Ton Hydraulic Press at ABSG/CMSE, VSSC, Vattiyoorkavu 27-February-2024 14:00 27-February-2024 15:00
HS202300022301 HSFC Feasibility Study for Design, Development, Qualification of Human Rated Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) for Gaganyaan 15-March-2024 14:00 15-March-2024 14:01
SA202300162201 SAC 63W C band LTWTA 06-March-2024 14:00 06-March-2024 15:00
IP202300163301 IPRC Supply Installation & Commisioning of CCTV Surveillance System 22-February-2024 14:00 22-February-2024 14:01
VS202300447501 VSSC Manufacture and supply of Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V PS4 domes 22-February-2024 14:00 22-February-2024 14:05
TR202300022101 ISTRAC Development of L-band 16-channel Modular Transmitter Array 29-February-2024 16:00 29-February-2024 16:30
IS202300153301 URSC Development of a 6 Degree of Freedom Robotic Arm 01-March-2024 14:30 01-March-2024 15:00
SA202300238901 SAC Multi-array Image Sensor 11-March-2024 12:00 11-March-2024 12:30
TR202300024701 ISTRAC Design and Fabrication of NavIC Tri-band Time Transfer Receivers 26-February-2024 11:00 26-February-2024 11:30
VS202200216701 VSSC Programmable 32 channel cycling system for battery applications 05-March-2024 14:00 05-March-2024 14:01
LE202200046901 LEOS Large Area Thin Film Coating System (LATCS) 04-March-2024 17:00 05-March-2024 10:30
SA202300122201 SAC Supply of Linear Compressor for Pulse Tube CryoCooler 27-February-2024 11:07 27-February-2024 12:07