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This e-Procurement System facilitates vendors to view tenders released from all ISRO centres and then submit the bids online through this portal.

Important Information

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Public Tenders

Tender No Centre Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
TR202200032501 ISTRAC Thin Clients and monitors for NISAR & IRS Mission 15-February-2023 17:00 16-February-2023 17:00
SH202200154401 SDSC SHA Supply of 2000 Liters, 400 Bar Seamless Gas Cylinders 14-February-2023 16:00 15-February-2023 14:30
IS202200147701 URSC Operation and Maintenance of EMF & ACSS Facility 17-February-2023 09:30 17-February-2023 10:00
TR202200034901 ISTRAC S-Band SSPA (100W) 23-February-2023 17:00 24-February-2023 10:00
SH202300008301 SDSC SHA Hydrogen gas for filling Meteorological balloons 20-February-2023 16:00 21-February-2023 14:30
HQ202200009901 ISRO HQ Designing, Printing, Supply, Double Scanning and Evaluation of 2 Part OMR Answer sheets 14-February-2023 10:00 14-February-2023 11:00
SC202200026101 SCL Augmentation of 8 inch CMOS Wafer Fab and Embedded NVM (Single- Poly) Technology acquisition as per enclosed detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) including Scope of Work 17-March-2023 15:00 17-March-2023 15:30
IS202200124801 URSC Rate contract for Calibration of Measuring Instruments / Guages 21-February-2023 09:30 21-February-2023 10:00
IS202200183701 URSC Capacitance Disphragm Gauge 17-February-2023 09:30 17-February-2023 10:00
TR202200041101 ISTRAC Supply ,Installation and Comissioning of L Band Modular Wind profiler as per Annexure I 20-February-2023 17:00 21-February-2023 10:00
VS202200373601 VSSC SDR Evaluation Kit 09-February-2023 14:00 09-February-2023 15:00
IS202200180501 URSC Supply and Installation of Motion Simulator 24-February-2023 09:30 24-February-2023 10:00
IS202200160101 URSC Hand formable RF Cables DC-40 GHz 24-February-2023 09:30 24-February-2023 10:00
TR202200035001 ISTRAC X-Band SSPA (200W) 23-February-2023 17:00 24-February-2023 10:00
TR202200032801 ISTRAC NETWORK SWITCHES-SDD 23-February-2023 17:00 24-February-2023 10:00
SH202200185601 SDSC SHA Supply of PTFE inner core convoluted SS wire braided hoses 02-March-2023 16:00 03-March-2023 14:30
NR202300000501 NRSC Rate Contract for Map/Poster Printing 22-February-2023 11:00 22-February-2023 11:30
NR202300000401 NRSC Rate Contract for Reprography 22-February-2023 11:00 22-February-2023 11:30
SA202200234301 SAC Machine Lifting Hydraulic Toe Jack 09-February-2023 14:00 09-February-2023 14:30
IS202300005701 URSC Porous/Orifice type Airbearing Pads 03-March-2023 09:30 03-March-2023 16:00
VS202200599401 VSSC FABRICATION AND SUPPLY OF SOLAR PANEL SUBSTRATES 02-March-2023 14:00 02-March-2023 14:30
VS202200591201 VSSC Two element cross stacked type Biaxial strain gauge 02-March-2023 14:00 02-March-2023 14:30
VS202200594801 VSSC Single Element type Strain Gauges 02-March-2023 14:00 02-March-2023 14:32
SH202200176001 SDSC SHA Supply of Stainless Steel wire braided PTFE inner core convoluted hoses as per the enclosed specifications 09-February-2023 16:00 10-February-2023 14:30
SA202200090401 SAC Panel Integration Fixtures 02-March-2023 14:00 02-March-2023 14:30
SH202200182201 SDSC SHA Realization of Deluge systems for Augmented facilities at SLP comlplex (ASLP) SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota. 09-February-2023 16:00 10-February-2023 14:30
VS202100578701 VSSC Switch Matrix System for Small Signal Conditioner Checkout 02-March-2023 14:00 02-March-2023 15:00
VS202200665201 VSSC SUPPLY,INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING OF CNC MILLING MACHINE 16-February-2023 14:00 16-February-2023 14:30
IP202300012801 IPRC Supply of 100% polysester lint free cloth as per specifications 03-March-2023 10:00 03-March-2023 10:05
VS202200484001 VSSC Work order for Radiographic Film Interpretation for Aerospace hardware at Work Centres 07-March-2023 14:00 07-March-2023 15:00
VS202200666501 VSSC Development and supply of Lox Pump Impeller in IN718 alloy through additive manufacturing 21-February-2023 14:00 21-February-2023 14:01
VS202200665901 VSSC Processing and Characterization of Ti-5Al-2.5Sn-ELI using Additive Manufacturing 23-February-2023 14:00 23-February-2023 14:01
TR202200033701 ISTRAC Ka-band Coaxial LNA 27-February-2023 10:00 28-February-2023 10:00
LE202200033601 LEOS High Frequency Mixed Signal Oscilloscope 14-February-2023 17:00 15-February-2023 10:30
LP202200093301 LPSC High Resistance Meter 17-February-2023 14:00 17-February-2023 14:30
SA202200152101 SAC Rate Contract for Supply of Nitrogen Gas Cylinders 13-February-2023 09:24 13-February-2023 09:25
TR202200003201 ISTRAC Server Room Integration Elements 01-March-2023 17:00 02-March-2023 10:00
IS202200142201 URSC Precious Metal Alloy 14-February-2023 09:30 14-February-2023 10:00
SA202200133701 SAC Space Grade MRAM Devices 09-February-2023 14:00 09-February-2023 14:30
SA202200239401 SAC hi-rel Screw Lock Assembly 20-February-2023 12:00 20-February-2023 12:30
TR202200024901 ISTRAC Ethernet Cum Serial BER Tester 23-February-2023 17:00 24-February-2023 10:00
SA202200075301 SAC Low-Temperature in-situ micro-Photoluminescence & Resist exposure system 17-February-2023 17:22 17-February-2023 17:22
SA202100180701 SAC Space qualified C0402 capacitors 09-March-2023 09:00 09-March-2023 11:00
SA202200157901 SAC Space grade Microwave absorber 16-February-2023 10:56 16-February-2023 10:56
SA202200220701 SAC GaN Medium Power Amplifier MMIC for Q/V band applications 16-February-2023 09:04 16-February-2023 09:04
SA202200219401 SAC RF current monitor probe 27-February-2023 12:00 27-February-2023 14:00
VS202200352601 VSSC Realization of S139 Cylindrical Segments through Counter Roller Flow Forming 15-February-2023 14:00 15-February-2023 14:01
IS202100021301 URSC Static Test Facility - Structural Elements 09-February-2023 09:30 09-February-2023 10:00
VS202200362601 VSSC Automatic Storage & Retrieval System - ASRS 17-February-2023 10:55 17-February-2023 11:00
SA202200225901 SAC Si APD detector 24-February-2023 12:00 24-February-2023 14:00
VS202200504201 VSSC DESIGN, FABRICATION , SUPPY, ERECTION AND COMMISIONING OF N2O4 PILOT PLANT of 1 LPH Capacity 15-February-2023 14:00 15-February-2023 14:01
TR202200035501 ISTRAC LOW NOISE AMPLIFIERS (LNA) 24-February-2023 17:00 27-February-2023 10:00
TR202200043901 ISTRAC CAMC for Brocade Switches 06-March-2023 17:00 07-March-2023 10:00
NR202200039701 NRSC IF WIDE BAND FILTER (1650 TO 3150 MHz) 20-February-2023 15:00 20-February-2023 15:01
IS202200157601 URSC TAPES 10-February-2023 09:30 10-February-2023 10:00
LP202200098101 LPSC Supply of Lab Test Fixtures 10-February-2023 14:00 10-February-2023 14:05
MC202200014801 MCF Supply of Calibrated Noise sources 18 GHz & 40GHz 01-March-2023 16:30 02-March-2023 10:00
SA202100101501 SAC Thermally Conductive Elastomer Insulators 22-February-2023 11:00 22-February-2023 11:05
NR202200028501 NRSC Rate Contract Empanelment for Geospatial database and Field Survey services 16-February-2023 15:00 16-February-2023 15:30
SH202200167501 SDSC SHA Hardware system for ISRO ERP application 09-February-2023 14:00 09-February-2023 14:30
IP202300009601 IPRC Supply of Cuplock scaffolding system 08-March-2023 10:00 08-March-2023 10:05
SA202100134601 SAC Vacuum compatible assembled Rotary and Goniometric Stages 28-February-2023 12:00 28-February-2023 14:00
IP202200130801 IPRC Procurement of Manual Valves, Electro Pneumatic Valves & Control Valves for Augmentation of SCFT Facility 08-March-2023 10:00 08-March-2023 10:05
VS202200667201 VSSC Aramid Fabric 243 Style 16-February-2023 14:00 16-February-2023 14:30
SA202200229901 SAC Flexible cable assemblies 09-February-2023 11:10 09-February-2023 11:15
SA202200220501 SAC GaN Power Amplifier MMIC for Q/V band applications 17-February-2023 09:13 17-February-2023 09:13
SA202200214801 SAC Development, Fabrication and Supply of MSS Satcom Terminals for Buoy based Ocean Observing system 03-March-2023 14:00 03-March-2023 14:30
VS202200670901 VSSC Design, Fabrication, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Hydro Thermal Liquefaction (HTL) setup with necessary subsystems 07-March-2023 14:00 07-March-2023 14:01
NR202200038301 NRSC Ka band WR34 DPDT Switch 08-March-2023 15:00 08-March-2023 15:01
IS202200166601 URSC Pressure transducers 10-February-2023 09:30 10-February-2023 10:00
VS202200417501 VSSC M56 UD & BD Carbon Prepreg 16-February-2023 14:00 16-February-2023 14:30
LP202100026501 LPSC Design, Realisation, Supply and Commisioning of an Automated Injector Calibration Facility with feature for backpressure testing at LPSC, Valiamala 24-February-2023 14:00 24-February-2023 14:30
IP202200077801 IPRC Handheld Laser Welding Machine 16-February-2023 14:00 16-February-2023 14:15
SA202200059101 SAC GaN HEMT based Power Bars 06-March-2023 14:00 06-March-2023 14:30
IP202200132301 IPRC SUPPLY OF HIGH SPATIO-TEMPORAL RESOLVED PHOTO DETECTORS 20-February-2023 14:00 20-February-2023 14:30
SA202200213201 SAC TEFLON (PTFE) SHEETS AND RODS 16-February-2023 09:05 16-February-2023 09:06
LP202200083701 LPSC Supply of Air lifting Bags for rescue operations 23-February-2023 10:30 23-February-2023 11:00
IS202200171001 URSC 50 - PIN ELECTRICAL FEEDTHROUGH (20 AWG) 22-February-2023 09:30 22-February-2023 10:00
LP202200087501 LPSC Supply, installation and commissioning of Pneumatic test circuits 22-February-2023 14:30 22-February-2023 14:35
NR202200038701 NRSC Ka band phase shifter 08-March-2023 15:00 08-March-2023 15:01
IS202200161301 URSC Tantalum Sheets 21-February-2023 09:30 21-February-2023 10:00
TR202200046501 ISTRAC CAMC for IBM SAN Director (Director Class SAN Switches) 20-March-2023 17:00 23-March-2023 11:00
SA202200240801 SAC ANTI STATIC AIR BUBBLE SHEET 20-February-2023 14:00 20-February-2023 14:30
SA202300005001 SAC ARRIA 10 BOARD, DAC BOARD & QUARTUS S/W 27-February-2023 14:00 27-February-2023 14:30
SH202200163601 SDSC SHA Supply, Installation & Commissioning of "Instrument for aerosol black carbon spectral absorption measurements" 08-March-2023 16:00 09-March-2023 14:30
SH202200160601 SDSC SHA Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Robotic Sun Photometer Robotic with Three (3) years of warranty. Kindly refer Annexure - (i) for details. 08-March-2023 16:00 09-March-2023 14:30
VS202200087601 VSSC PC controlled CHNSO Elemental analyzer 06-March-2023 14:00 06-March-2023 14:01
LE202200040601 LEOS JULABO THERMAL HY BATH LIQUID 13-February-2023 17:00 14-February-2023 10:30
IS202300000401 URSC SILICONE ADHESIVE POLYESTER TAPE 09-February-2023 09:30 09-February-2023 10:00
SH202200184101 SDSC SHA SUPPLY OF SPRAY PAINT TINS TO CRYO SYSTEMS 09-February-2023 16:00 10-February-2023 14:30
LP202300002801 LPSC Supply, installation and configuration of AV facility for 1st floor conference hall at Recruitment and Hindi building 14-February-2023 14:30 14-February-2023 14:30
IS202200140901 URSC NON COMPREHENSIVE AMC FOR CCTV SYSTEMS OF AITF-1 & 2 CLEAN ROOMS 15-February-2023 09:30 15-February-2023 10:00
SA202200116401 SAC In-series cryo compatible coaxial adapters, attenuators and terminations 24-February-2023 14:00 24-February-2023 14:30
IS202200133901 URSC SUPPLY & INSTALLATION OF MULTI DISPLAY SYSTEM 09-February-2023 09:30 09-February-2023 10:00
IS202200165301 URSC Supply, Installation and commissioning of Automatic tin-lead Stripping System. 14-February-2023 09:30 14-February-2023 10:00
IS202100042901 URSC Centralized Monitoring for Secutron Make Fire Alram Sytem at ISITE along with 5 Years CAMSC for the established system and existing Fire Alram System. 15-February-2023 09:30 15-February-2023 10:00
LP202200079801 LPSC SMPS Type DC Power Supply 28-February-2023 14:00 28-February-2023 14:05
SA202200212801 SAC Need based Rate Contract for supply of SS Stencils for LTCC 07-March-2023 10:48 07-March-2023 10:48
SA202100127901 SAC Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN- 5uH) 17-February-2023 14:00 17-February-2023 14:30
SA202200233501 SAC Very High power Coaxial cables 07-March-2023 10:30 07-March-2023 10:30
IS202200147201 URSC Supply and Installation of Spares for Vertical Sliding Door 28-February-2023 09:30 28-February-2023 10:00
SC202300001301 SCL Custom House Agent (CHA) for handling customs clearance at Nhava Sheva 06-March-2023 15:00 06-March-2023 16:00
VS202100356901 VSSC Supply and Installation of Data Acquisition System for Transient and Continuous Data 21-February-2023 10:00 21-February-2023 10:01
IS202100096701 URSC Multi-Product Calibrator 07-March-2023 09:30 07-March-2023 10:00
HS202200017901 HSFC Realization of Control Electronics SM OBC packages in Mode6 17-February-2023 14:00 17-February-2023 14:10
IP202200129101 IPRC Non-lubricated Hydrogen gas compressors 15-February-2023 14:00 15-February-2023 14:00
TR202100032101 ISTRAC S-Band Frequency Converters 13-March-2023 17:00 14-March-2023 11:00
IS202200111501 URSC ESD audit of laboratories at URSC and ISITE 17-February-2023 09:30 17-February-2023 10:00
VS202300004401 VSSC LTO09 TAPE LIBRARY with MANGEMENT SOFTWARE 20-February-2023 14:00 20-February-2023 14:30
TR202200012401 ISTRAC 6 Channel S- Band Down Converter 10-February-2023 17:00 13-February-2023 10:00
SA202200220201 SAC VECTOR NETWORK ANALYZER UP TO 43.5 GHz 27-February-2023 14:00 27-February-2023 14:30
SA202300010901 SAC Synthesized Signal Source upto 40 GHz 07-March-2023 14:00 07-March-2023 14:30
SH202200049801 SDSC SHA Supply of high built epoxy & polyurethane finish paints and thinner 09-February-2023 16:00 10-February-2023 14:30
VS202200151501 VSSC Supply and installation of High Voltage Test Kit 09-February-2023 14:00 09-February-2023 15:00
SH202100170201 SDSC SHA Support services for Maintenance Checks of Various Air-conditioning systems located in SDSC SHAR 08-February-2023 16:00 08-February-2023 16:01
IP202200122501 IPRC Supply of High Pressure Seamless Gas Storage Cylinders 09-February-2023 10:00 09-February-2023 10:05
SH202200165001 SDSC SHA Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Nephelometer at ASRF Chandipur with Three years of warranty. For detailed specification refer Annexure-(i) 28-February-2023 16:00 01-March-2023 14:30
SH202200163501 SDSC SHA Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Sky Imagers at ASRF Chandipur with Three years of warranty. For detailed specification refer Annexure-(i) 28-February-2023 16:00 01-March-2023 14:30
MC202300001401 MCF Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of AC system SPROC Facility at Mount Abu 08-March-2023 16:30 09-March-2023 10:00
IP202200117601 IPRC Supply, Erection and Commissioning of Instrumentation Systems at PET Facility 08-February-2023 14:00 08-February-2023 14:01
LP202300005201 LPSC Helium gas with cylinder 27-February-2023 14:00 27-February-2023 14:05
HQ202200009201 ISRO HQ Supply of 2 nos. of Routers on lease basis for period of 5 years 17-February-2023 15:00 17-February-2023 15:01
VS202200610601 VSSC Supply of Tungsten rodsfor Electronic packages 09-February-2023 14:00 09-February-2023 14:05
SA202200143501 SAC NAND Flash Module 24-February-2023 12:00 24-February-2023 14:00
SA202100033201 SAC SAW DUAL IN LINE PACKAGE 14-February-2023 14:24 14-February-2023 14:24
IS202200131801 URSC P-MOSFET BARE DICE 27-February-2023 09:30 27-February-2023 10:00
TR202200041701 ISTRAC Solid State Power Amplifier 20-March-2023 10:00 21-March-2023 10:00
HQ202300000301 ISRO HQ Rate Contract for Hiring of Taxies and Vehicles required for ISRO HQ/ DOS Bengaluru for a period of two years from 01/03/2023 to 28/02/2025, as per the terms and conditions attached. 15-February-2023 10:00 15-February-2023 10:30
VS202200695401 VSSC Rate Contract for Washing of Clothes for a Period of 2 years from 06/01/2023 to 05/01/2025. 23-February-2023 14:00 23-February-2023 14:00
VS202200417801 VSSC Test and Evaluation of NGC and Vehicle Interface Packages through GoCo mode 02-March-2023 14:00 02-March-2023 15:00
IS202200050501 URSC RF Vector Signal Generator 10-February-2023 09:30 10-February-2023 10:00
VS202200595401 VSSC PSLV - IS3/4 Assembly 14-February-2023 14:00 14-February-2023 14:30
SA202100022601 SAC Integrated GPS and INS (IGIS) System 28-February-2023 14:00 28-February-2023 14:30
VS202200608801 VSSC Design,Analysis,Fabrication and assembly of RLV interface adaptor (RIA) 14-March-2023 14:00 14-March-2023 15:00
LP202300007201 LPSC Digital Multimeter (6 Digit) 28-February-2023 14:00 28-February-2023 14:30
SA202200084001 SAC Cryo-Compatible E-plane and H-plane waveguides for WR-5.0 and WR-8.0 bands 03-March-2023 14:00 03-March-2023 14:30
VS202200622501 VSSC Manufacture and supply of Ti6Al4V Domes through TIG based WAAM Process 07-March-2023 14:00 07-March-2023 14:05
SA202300010501 SAC Optical Fiber and accessories 28-February-2023 14:00 28-February-2023 14:30
IS202200174501 URSC Ka Band TWT Amplifier 28-February-2023 09:30 28-February-2023 10:00
TR202200029001 ISTRAC Optical Multiplexer 10-February-2023 17:00 13-February-2023 11:00
TR202200031401 ISTRAC SCC and ASCC LCK Storage 13-February-2023 17:00 14-February-2023 10:00
IS202200144501 URSC JIG FOR CURRENT SENSOR RESISTORS 21-February-2023 09:30 21-February-2023 10:00
IS202300005201 URSC PTFE Insulated Silver Plated Copper Wires 15-February-2023 09:30 15-February-2023 10:00
SA202300000101 SAC Commercial Grade 3-Pin Header 28-February-2023 14:15 28-February-2023 14:15
SA202200236401 SAC SPDT Sitch 24-February-2023 14:30 24-February-2023 14:30
SH202300007001 SDSC SHA Supply of HFC227ea 02-March-2023 16:00 03-March-2023 14:30
SA202200243701 SAC Commercial surface mount chip inductors 24-February-2023 14:44 24-February-2023 14:44
LB202200010301 LPSC Design, Realization, Supply, Installation, Commissioning of Thrust measurement system for Vacuum Test Facility for low power Thruster (VTFL) at LPSC (B) 07-March-2023 14:00 07-March-2023 14:30
IS202200160801 URSC Programmable DC Power supplies 21-February-2023 09:30 21-February-2023 10:00
SA202200192601 SAC High Thermal Conductive Silver Epoxy 24-February-2023 16:47 24-February-2023 16:47