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This e-Procurement System facilitates vendors to view tenders released from all ISRO centres and then submit the bids online through this portal.

Important Information

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Public Tenders

Tender No Centre Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
SA202200234501 SAC Protoflight Devices 30-March-2023 14:00 30-March-2023 14:30
LE202200046201 LEOS AMSC AND CALIBRATION FOR TWO AXIS RATE TABLE 06-April-2023 17:00 07-April-2023 10:00
TR202100025201 ISTRAC Telemetry, Tracking and Command Processor (TTCP) 02-April-2023 17:00 03-April-2023 09:00
VS202300064901 VSSC 4 Channel Firing Module with Integrated DAQ System and control Software 10-April-2023 10:00 10-April-2023 11:01
MC202200012401 MCF Satellite Interference Geolocation System 14-April-2023 16:30 17-April-2023 10:00
LP202300005501 LPSC Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Measurement & Command System for Gaganyaan CPCS Test Facility 13-April-2023 14:30 13-April-2023 14:35
SA202300033001 SAC Power Meter 18-April-2023 14:30 18-April-2023 14:30
VS202200594801 VSSC Single Element type Strain Gauges 31-March-2023 14:00 31-March-2023 14:30
IS202300001901 URSC VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE 17-April-2023 09:30 17-April-2023 10:00
VS202200693501 VSSC TITANIUM ANODE SUBSTRATES 31-March-2023 14:00 31-March-2023 14:01
VS202300019801 VSSC FABRICATION, TESTING AND SUPPLY OF MATCH DIE MOULDED SADA Cone 13-April-2023 14:00 13-April-2023 14:30
VS202200625101 VSSC Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Bags (FIBC Bags) 10-April-2023 10:00 10-April-2023 10:01
LB202300002201 LPSC Temperature Chamber 31-March-2023 14:00 31-March-2023 15:00
SH202300012201 SDSC SHA Supply of Furnace Oil 01-April-2023 14:00 01-April-2023 14:30
HS202200017901 HSFC Realization of Control Electronics SM OBC packages in Mode6 31-March-2023 12:00 31-March-2023 12:01
IS202200118501 URSC Pirani gauge and controller 06-April-2023 09:30 06-April-2023 10:00
VS202300076801 VSSC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Dia. 1.6m CNC Vertical Turning and Boring Machine 27-April-2023 14:00 27-April-2023 15:00
TR202100037001 ISTRAC S-Band and X-Band Wave Guide Components 13-April-2023 10:00 14-April-2023 10:00
LE202300000901 LEOS LIDAR MODULE 06-April-2023 17:00 07-April-2023 10:00
VS202300068401 VSSC Ultrasonic Probes and cables 13-April-2023 14:00 13-April-2023 14:30
VS202300031201 VSSC Design, Fabrication, Delivery, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Dia4m Electrically Heated-Hot Air Circulation-Aerospace Grade-Horizontal Autoclave at VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram 21-April-2023 14:00 21-April-2023 14:30
SA202200221101 SAC Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale MPSoC ZCU102 Evaluation Kit:EK-U1-ZCU102-G 30-March-2023 10:00 30-March-2023 11:00
VS202200636401 VSSC Realization of Gaganyaan THCS Hydro-pneumatic Reservoir Test System 31-March-2023 12:00 31-March-2023 14:00
VS202200393801 VSSC Modular Lab in Fuel cell facility 17-April-2023 14:00 17-April-2023 14:01
SA202300038001 SAC RF Broadband Thin Film Surface Mount Chip Resistor 03-April-2023 14:00 03-April-2023 14:30
IP202300011701 IPRC TC cleaning fixture 30-March-2023 14:00 30-March-2023 14:30
IP202300025101 IPRC Supply of Stainless steel rod, grade 304L 05-April-2023 10:00 05-April-2023 10:05
SH202200168401 SDSC SHA Design, Manufacture, Supply, Testing, Erection and Commissioning of 12 litre Horizontal Sigma Mixers 31-March-2023 12:00 31-March-2023 14:30
SA202300045001 SAC Commercial CDR12 Capacitors 12-April-2023 14:00 12-April-2023 14:30
SA202300007901 SAC Tools for Cryocooler Integration 06-April-2023 15:00 06-April-2023 15:30
VS202300076401 VSSC Manufacture and Supply of Ti6Al4V samples through LPBF 13-April-2023 14:00 13-April-2023 14:05
VS202300006901 VSSC Design, Fabrication, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Dia2m Hydroclave at VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram 18-April-2023 14:00 18-April-2023 14:30
SH202300029401 SDSC SHA Hardware system for ISRO ERP application 03-April-2023 14:00 03-April-2023 14:30
IS202200160601 URSC NON COMPREHENSIVE AMC FOR XRF (Model No: XDL-BZ) 31-March-2023 09:30 31-March-2023 10:00
SA202300024001 SAC Rate Contract for fabrication services for Development of Pin Grid Array Ceramic packages 11-April-2023 11:39 11-April-2023 11:39
SA202300012001 SAC Digital Pirani Vacuum Transducer with In-Built LCD Display as per attached Specifications. 11-April-2023 12:04 11-April-2023 12:04
VS202300061601 VSSC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Dia4m CNC Horizontal Tape Winding Machine at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram 18-April-2023 12:00 18-April-2023 12:30
SA202200179601 SAC Centralized Rate contract for Digital and Offset Printing & Allied Works 07-April-2023 11:00 07-April-2023 11:00
SA202200210601 SAC Deuterium UV Light Source 03-April-2023 10:00 03-April-2023 10:05
VS202200450401 VSSC Fabrication, Supply, installation and commissioning of reduction roller unit and its accessories. 11-April-2023 10:00 11-April-2023 10:01
SH202300033201 SDSC SHA Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Nephelometer at ASRF Chandipur with Three years of warranty. For detailed specification refer Annexure-(i) 11-April-2023 16:00 12-April-2023 14:30
SA202300027301 SAC Vapor phase soldering fluid 11-April-2023 11:31 11-April-2023 11:31
SA202300040401 SAC Breakover SMA Torque Wrench as per attached Specifications 12-April-2023 14:00 12-April-2023 14:30
SA202300021101 SAC Refilling of Helium Gas Cylinder 12-April-2023 16:05 12-April-2023 16:06
SA202300036901 SAC Waveguide Directional Coupler 13-April-2023 09:36 13-April-2023 09:36
VS202300082301 VSSC S139 NOZZLE- Machining, Bonding & Nozzle Assembly 27-April-2023 14:00 27-April-2023 15:00
IS202300016801 URSC SITC OF CLEAN AIR MODULE 06-April-2023 09:30 06-April-2023 10:00
IS202300026001 URSC EPE Floor protection sheet 06-April-2023 09:30 06-April-2023 10:00
VS202300095401 VSSC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Dia4m CNC Vertical Tape Winding Machine at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram 27-April-2023 14:00 27-April-2023 15:00
VS202300080001 VSSC Design, Fabrication, Delivery, Installation, Process Demonstration and Commissioning of Impregnation Plant at Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Thiruvananthapuram 27-April-2023 14:00 27-April-2023 15:00
SH202300024301 SDSC SHA Supply of Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB) 05-April-2023 14:00 05-April-2023 14:05
VS202300127501 VSSC Work order for Radiographic Film Interpretation for Aerospace hardware at Work Centres 20-April-2023 11:00 20-April-2023 14:00
SC202200026101 SCL Augmentation of 8 inch CMOS Wafer Fab and Embedded NVM (Single- Poly) Technology acquisition as per enclosed detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) including Scope of Work 06-April-2023 15:00 06-April-2023 15:30
IS202300012701 URSC THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE EPOXY ENCAPSULANT 17-April-2023 09:30 17-April-2023 10:00
IP202300012201 IPRC Supply of Dome loaded & Spring loaded Pressure regulators with Filters 17-April-2023 10:00 17-April-2023 10:05
SA202200084001 SAC Cryo-Compatible E-plane and H-plane waveguides for WR-5.0 and WR-8.0 bands 31-March-2023 14:00 31-March-2023 14:30
IS202300023501 URSC FOIL TYPE STRAIN GAUGES 31-March-2023 09:30 31-March-2023 10:00
VS202200578901 VSSC Automation of Solid Lubricant Mixing System 03-May-2023 14:00 03-May-2023 14:01
VS202200613901 VSSC Thermal & Humidity Chamber for testing of Indigenous control Components 18-April-2023 10:55 18-April-2023 11:00
SH202300020801 SDSC SHA Engagement of JCB equipment for 250 Hrs for works in SHAR campus and sullurpeta colonies 10-April-2023 16:00 10-April-2023 16:01
IS202200072101 URSC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Spacecraft Vibration Test Activity Monitoring System 10-April-2023 09:30 10-April-2023 10:00
LP202200083501 LPSC Supply of Spring Energized Metallic C-Rings, Specification as per Annexure-1, Quality Clause as per Annexure-2 20-April-2023 14:00 20-April-2023 14:30
LE202200013201 LEOS Cryo Cold Head and Compressor 17-April-2023 17:00 18-April-2023 10:30
LE202300003401 LEOS Fully Automatic Four Point Probe Sheet Resistance Measurement System 17-April-2023 17:00 18-April-2023 10:30
VS202300092401 VSSC SUPPLY OF LIQUID NITROGEN (LN2) 3000000 KG (3000 TONNE) AT VSSC 18-April-2023 14:00 18-April-2023 15:00
SH202300027301 SDSC SHA Supply of Cooling Tower Fan Motor for PIF 11-April-2023 16:00 11-April-2023 16:01
LE202300004501 LEOS Supply of wafer Aligner and Wafer bonder Machine 17-April-2023 17:00 18-April-2023 10:30
LP202300017801 LPSC Supply and installation of VC units 18-April-2023 14:30 18-April-2023 14:30
VS202300018401 VSSC Friction sensitivity tester with accessories 08-May-2023 14:00 08-May-2023 15:01
HS202200018401 HSFC Rapid prototyping machine (FDM) 13-April-2023 14:00 13-April-2023 14:30
TR202300000101 ISTRAC 3 Channel Tracking Receiver 08-May-2023 17:00 09-May-2023 11:00
VS202300110401 VSSC INCONEL 718 FIXTURES 13-April-2023 14:00 13-April-2023 14:10
TR202200033501 ISTRAC Ka-band Waveguide LNA 08-May-2023 17:00 09-May-2023 11:00
VS202200693901 VSSC Dimensional inspection and quality surveillance of products for aerospace applications realized at external work centres by third party 25-April-2023 14:00 25-April-2023 15:00
SA202100132201 SAC Accessories For Filter D-Connector 21-April-2023 14:00 21-April-2023 14:30
SA202300011501 SAC Rate Contract for 2 years for conduct of CBT w.r.t. recruitment under Mission Mode 17-April-2023 12:00 17-April-2023 14:00
VS202300139501 VSSC Vaccum Relays 18-April-2023 11:00 18-April-2023 14:00
VS202300017101 VSSC Design, Fabrication, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Dia3m Hydroclave at VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram 18-April-2023 14:00 18-April-2023 14:30
VS202300080901 VSSC Thermal unit for thermo mechanical testing 10-May-2023 14:00 10-May-2023 15:00
LE202200045201 LEOS CSPAD ARRAY DETECTOR AND EVALUATION BOARD 21-April-2023 17:00 24-April-2023 10:30
LP202300012601 LPSC Digital Storage Oscilloscope 24-April-2023 14:00 24-April-2023 14:05
IS202200127001 URSC Strain gauge bonding and testing of load caps 17-April-2023 09:30 17-April-2023 10:00
MC202300000801 MCF SITC of Lead-acid tubular stationary batteries in transparent SAN container (TBS) and associated accessories to MCF Hassan & Bhopal. 19-April-2023 16:00 20-April-2023 10:00
IP202200106901 IPRC Supply of Passenger Lift 16-May-2023 10:00 16-May-2023 10:05
LP202200093001 LPSC Supply of Rod End Bearings for Semicryo Thrust Frame 06-April-2023 14:30 06-April-2023 14:30
VS202300098501 VSSC Supply installation and commissioning of a 2D Vision system having Optical Character Recognition capability and relevant accessories 04-May-2023 14:00 04-May-2023 14:30
IS202200161401 URSC MLCC capacitor 21-April-2023 09:30 21-April-2023 10:00
IS202200033701 URSC PROGRAMMABLE DC ELECTRONIC LOAD 21-April-2023 09:30 21-April-2023 10:00
VS202300145701 VSSC FPGA 25-April-2023 14:00 25-April-2023 15:00
IS202300002801 URSC Pneumatically operated cryogenic globe valves 17-April-2023 09:30 17-April-2023 10:00
IS202200135301 URSC SS Fasteners 31-March-2023 09:30 31-March-2023 10:00
IP202300019101 IPRC Aluminium Gaskets 17-April-2023 10:00 17-April-2023 10:05
SA202300047501 SAC Operations of GSAT-19 Ka-band Gateways at Ahmedabad and Byalalu (Karnataka) 27-April-2023 14:00 27-April-2023 14:30
NR202200029601 NRSC CAMC of AGEOS ground station ( DCS, DRS-1 & DRS-2) 17-April-2023 13:00 17-April-2023 13:01
VS202200650701 VSSC vacuum oven with Vacuum pump 31-March-2023 10:00 31-March-2023 10:01
IP202300017301 IPRC Supply,Installation and Commissioning of Industrial 450 kV X ray machine with accessories 25-April-2023 14:00 25-April-2023 14:10
VS202200083701 VSSC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of High Speed Data Acquisition System 26-April-2023 10:00 26-April-2023 10:01
VS202300037201 VSSC AMC for various capacity of PERKINS make DG Sets in VSSC for 2 years 18-April-2023 10:00 18-April-2023 14:30
LP202300022101 LPSC Supply, installation and configuration of AV facility for Hindi training hall at Recruitment and Hindi building 18-April-2023 14:30 18-April-2023 14:30
VS202200678501 VSSC Vacuum Chamber and Accessories 26-April-2023 10:00 26-April-2023 10:01
SA202300037701 SAC Gas Cylinders for Laboratory use 25-April-2023 10:00 25-April-2023 10:00
IP202200118901 IPRC Design, Fabrication, Testing, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Demonstration and Calibration of the Horizontal Vacuum Furnace as per the specifications 20-April-2023 14:00 20-April-2023 14:30
MC202300004301 MCF Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of Air cooled DX Pre. Packaged AC units at MCF Bhopal 26-April-2023 16:00 27-April-2023 10:00
IP202300038701 IPRC Fabrication of Dump Nozzle Integration Fixture 25-April-2023 14:00 25-April-2023 14:10
IS202200156301 URSC LPG Gas Burner, Regulator, Dosa Tava Burner, Copper Pig tail, Gas Hose Pipe 19-April-2023 09:30 19-April-2023 10:00
IP202300030101 IPRC NON-COMPREHENSIVE AMC FOR 6 NO'S OF SELF COOKING CENTRES (MAKE: RATIONAL) 20-April-2023 14:00 20-April-2023 14:30
HS202200009201 HSFC Mode-6 realization of DC-DC converter packages for Gaganyaan Project 20-April-2023 11:00 20-April-2023 11:15
IS202200159101 URSC Laser Welding of PTC Assembly 06-April-2023 09:30 06-April-2023 10:00
MC202200015101 MCF Ext-C Band Low Noise Amplifier 26-April-2023 16:00 27-April-2023 10:00
SA202300052101 SAC High Speed Micro Drilling Machine 19-April-2023 13:00 19-April-2023 13:30
IS202300031001 URSC Semi Active Vibration Isolation Damper 19-April-2023 09:30 19-April-2023 10:00
MC202300003801 MCF Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Testing and CAMC of Three numbers 1.2m Ka Band Antennas & RF Systems 01-May-2023 16:30 02-May-2023 10:00
IP202300038801 IPRC Retro reflectors of Photogrammetry system 27-April-2023 14:00 27-April-2023 14:10
SA202300045501 SAC Cable Assembly for Test Setup 26-April-2023 09:01 26-April-2023 09:01
LP202300021801 LPSC Supply, installation and configuration of AV facility for 2nd floor conference hall at Recruitment and Hindi building 20-April-2023 14:00 20-April-2023 14:30