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This e-Procurement System facilitates vendors to view tenders released from all ISRO centres and then submit the bids online through this portal.

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Public Tenders

Tender No Center Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
VS202100394501 VSSC Three Terminal Linear Regulator for mSMT DC DC Converter 18-October-2021 11:00 20-October-2021 11:00
VS202100167801 VSSC Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge 14-October-2021 14:00 14-October-2021 14:01
IP202100029001 IPRC Supply of Manual and EP valves 30-September-2021 10:00 30-September-2021 10:01
VS202100354501 VSSC AA6061 T651 Plates 06-October-2021 14:00 06-October-2021 15:00
VS202100315301 VSSC Motorised Locking Torque Tester 14-October-2021 14:00 14-October-2021 14:15
VS202100381401 VSSC Chemicals 14-October-2021 14:00 14-October-2021 14:01
NR202100020501 NRSC Orthoready Stereo 4 Band Pan Sharpened Data, 0.5m resolution, Fresh Tasking/Archive data not older than 6 months 22-September-2021 16:00 22-September-2021 16:01
VS202100338601 VSSC Platinum Catalyst 11-October-2021 14:00 11-October-2021 14:01
VS202100305601 VSSC Monel K500 rods 07-October-2021 14:00 07-October-2021 15:00
VS202100289001 VSSC Wet Etching station 14-October-2021 23:00 15-October-2021 14:00
SA202100075101 SAC Supply , Installation and Commissioning of Dual Axes Positioner for 3 Meter Antenna 21-September-2021 14:00 21-September-2021 14:30
SH202100067601 SDSC SHA Comprehesive maintenane contract for a period of two years from 1-1-2022 to 31-12-2023 30-September-2021 16:00 01-October-2021 14:30
VS202100348601 VSSC GNSS RF Signal Simulator 23-September-2021 12:00 23-September-2021 15:30
SA202100119601 SAC Wires and Cables 30-September-2021 09:00 30-September-2021 14:00
LE202100008601 LEOS Supply of Aluminum Alloy AA6061-T6/T651/T652 Material Sheets & Plates 07-October-2021 17:00 08-October-2021 10:30
TR202100011101 ISTRAC Ethernet Cum Serial BER Testers 31-October-2021 17:00 01-November-2021 09:00
MC202100017801 MCF Supply of 3 channel C-Band Tracking Down converter (As per the specifications attached) at MCF Hassan and MCF Bhopal 11-October-2021 16:00 12-October-2021 10:00
VS202100363601 VSSC Electrolyte 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:01
VS202100310101 VSSC AA7075 T7351 Plates 04-October-2021 14:00 04-October-2021 15:00
VS202100321801 VSSC Accelerometers 2g and 100g range 30-September-2021 10:55 04-October-2021 10:56
TR202100003301 ISTRAC RF Spectrum Analysers - upto 40GHz 27-September-2021 17:00 28-September-2021 10:00
VS202100289401 VSSC Universal Testing Machine of 10 kN Capacity 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:01
VS202100345901 VSSC AA2014 T6 Alclad Sheets. 05-October-2021 14:00 05-October-2021 15:00
VS202100323801 VSSC MP35N Rods -- ASMG 05-October-2021 14:00 05-October-2021 15:00
VS202100314001 VSSC 8CD12 filler wire - PT 05-October-2021 14:00 05-October-2021 15:00
SA202100159301 SAC Glass Microspheric Spacers 11-October-2021 14:00 11-October-2021 14:30
IS202100052001 URSC DSUB combo 8W8 Socket connector with 90 degree bend Power contacts 21-September-2021 09:30 21-September-2021 10:00
VS202100348201 VSSC Aluminium Bronze bars 05-October-2021 14:00 05-October-2021 15:00
IS202100066001 URSC PCI BASED DIO (Digital Input/Output) CARD and ACCESSORIES 27-September-2021 09:30 27-September-2021 10:00
SA202100115601 SAC Miniature (Micro-Mechanical) Universal Testing Machine (UTM) systems 24-September-2021 10:07 24-September-2021 11:00
TR202100017301 ISTRAC Vector Signal Generator 21-October-2021 17:00 22-October-2021 10:00
TR202100017201 ISTRAC Handheld Spectrum and Vector Network Analyser 31-October-2021 17:00 01-November-2021 09:00
VS202100186601 VSSC AUTOMATIC RUBBER HARDNESS TESTER (MICRO IRHD) 23-September-2021 14:00 23-September-2021 14:01
VS202100347301 VSSC AA6082 annealed (o), T6 , T651 Sheets and Plates 06-October-2021 14:00 06-October-2021 15:00
IS202100071501 URSC CV CC DC Power Supplies 27-September-2021 09:30 27-September-2021 10:00
SC202100004901 SCL Supply ,Installation and commissioning of ICP Reactive Ion Etch tool For Poly Silicon Etching 30-September-2021 15:00 30-September-2021 15:30
VS202100074101 VSSC Vacuum bagging materials 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:05
SC202100001401 SCL SITC of Air Conditioning System for upcoming Chemical Store 24-September-2021 11:00 24-September-2021 11:30
SH202100044301 SDSC SHA Supply of 600t capacity hydraulic jacks with power pack 30-September-2021 16:00 01-October-2021 14:30
SA202100100401 SAC Need base AMC for Breakdown maintenance of CNC & Conventional Machines Installed at SAC 01-October-2021 14:00 01-October-2021 14:30
SC202100006901 SCL 6inch P Type Test Wafers 30-September-2021 15:00 30-September-2021 15:30
NR202100019401 NRSC Supply ,installation ,testing and commissioning of Door Frame Metal Detectors(DFMDs) 01-October-2021 15:30 01-October-2021 16:00
VS202100363801 VSSC Lithium Iron Phosphate 07-October-2021 14:00 07-October-2021 14:00
VS202100325201 VSSC Phased Array Ulrasonic System with Probe and accessories 21-September-2021 10:00 21-September-2021 13:00
VS202100345601 VSSC Filim Adhesive & Foam Adhesive 21-September-2021 10:00 21-September-2021 13:00
VS202100315901 VSSC Multi unit automatic rubber hardness tester with multi indentors 01-October-2021 14:00 01-October-2021 14:01
IP202100048101 IPRC Design,Supply of Materials,Fabrication and Supply of Fire Tender 07-October-2021 14:00 07-October-2021 15:00
NR202100026001 NRSC Foreign Satellite Data,Ortho-rectified Pan sharpened (4 Band data),Resolution:0.5m, Archive data acquired during 2020 to 2021(incase of nonavailability in 2020 to 2021,data of 2017-2019 is acceptable) 24-September-2021 14:00 24-September-2021 14:01
VS202000097401 VSSC Supply, installation and commissioning of Dehumidifier for PCM Production Hub 14-October-2021 14:00 14-October-2021 14:30
VS202100347801 VSSC Poly tetra methylene ether glycol 05-October-2021 14:00 05-October-2021 14:01
IP202100042901 IPRC Supply of Absoulte Optical Patternator 05-October-2021 14:00 05-October-2021 15:00
SC202100003201 SCL SITC of electrical distribution system including illumination, MCC Panels, fire detection system, LAN, Paging etc. for the Chemical Store building at SCL 04-October-2021 11:00 04-October-2021 11:30
VS202100321401 VSSC Automated multi-axis multi-mode Ultrasonic C-Scan System 18-October-2021 10:00 18-October-2021 13:00
IS202100079101 URSC TANTALUM CAPACITOR 07-October-2021 09:30 07-October-2021 10:00
VS202100344201 VSSC AA7075 T7351 Plates 05-October-2021 14:00 05-October-2021 15:00
SA202100103101 SAC WAVEGUIDE CALIBRATION KIT WR15 11-October-2021 14:00 11-October-2021 14:30
SH202100042201 SDSC SHA Supply of Maintenance tools 12-October-2021 16:00 13-October-2021 14:30
SH202100039901 SDSC SHA Minor Fabrication services contract 30-September-2021 16:00 01-October-2021 14:30
SA202100149001 SAC Ka Band Rx ICs and Development Kit 04-October-2021 14:00 04-October-2021 14:30
VS202100354201 VSSC Voltage Reference IC for SSLV 18-October-2021 14:00 20-October-2021 14:00
LB202100003101 LPSC SUPPLY OF SS TUBE FITTINGS 21-September-2021 14:00 21-September-2021 14:05
VS202100235001 VSSC Military grade Adjustable positive voltage 5V to 20V regulator in 16 pin flat pack 18-October-2021 14:00 20-October-2021 14:00
SC202100006501 SCL Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Rotary Screw Air Compressor , 100% Oil Free, having Free Air Delivery minimum 1060 CFM (1800 Nm3/h) at 10 bar (g) 30-September-2021 11:00 30-September-2021 11:01
VS202100285401 VSSC Digital handheld Zoomscope with display 04-October-2021 14:00 04-October-2021 14:01
IP202100031101 IPRC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Control System 21-September-2021 14:00 21-September-2021 14:00
VS202100151001 VSSC Third party surveillance for Metallic Materials, Castings and Fasteners at Vendor sites 29-September-2021 14:00 29-September-2021 15:00
VS202100304901 VSSC Pressure Sensitive Films 08-October-2021 14:00 08-October-2021 14:01
SA202100094401 SAC Signal diode - JAN1N6642US 05-October-2021 09:00 05-October-2021 14:00
TR202100022601 ISTRAC X-BAND LOW NOISE AMPLIFIER 01-November-2021 17:00 02-November-2021 09:00
SC202100008101 SCL AlN deposition and characterization 29-September-2021 14:30 29-September-2021 15:30
SA202100085601 SAC Fizeau type Laser Interferometer with close loop operation capability 30-September-2021 09:01 30-September-2021 14:01
SA202100160901 SAC Lab use chip capacitors 30-September-2021 09:01 30-September-2021 14:42
SA202100078101 SAC Optical tables with vibration isolation accesories 24-September-2021 14:00 24-September-2021 14:30
VS202100298401 VSSC Temperature controller IC 28-September-2021 11:00 30-September-2021 11:00
SA202100100001 SAC Epoxy Grade Film Adhesive Materials for Space Applications 28-September-2021 14:00 28-September-2021 14:30
NR202100012101 NRSC AMC of FTIR Instrument 27-September-2021 15:00 27-September-2021 15:30
VS202100341901 VSSC Design Installation commissioning and testing of fire alarm and detection system for Main Buliding,VRC 11-October-2021 14:00 11-October-2021 14:05
SA202100133601 SAC Gigabit Ethernet FMC PCB Module 29-September-2021 17:30 30-September-2021 10:00
MC202100013101 MCF SITC of S & Ka Band Antenna Terminal 20-September-2021 16:00 21-September-2021 10:00
LB202100003201 LPSC Analog Megohmmeter 21-September-2021 14:00 21-September-2021 15:00
IS202100010101 URSC Supply, Installation, Commissioning and training for portable 160kV Battery/Mains operated X-ray machine and essential accessories 30-September-2021 09:30 30-September-2021 10:00
VS202100168701 VSSC Release Film 12-October-2021 10:00 12-October-2021 13:00
IS202100009201 URSC Embedded Software Defined Radio Transciever 28-September-2021 09:30 28-September-2021 10:00
SA202100086901 SAC Electroless Copper Plating Line for PTFE PCBs 19-September-2021 23:59 20-September-2021 11:00
SA202100125401 SAC Arbitrary Waveform Generator 05-October-2021 11:11 05-October-2021 11:11
TR202100011201 ISTRAC Display System for Lab and Conference Hall, RDA 27-September-2021 17:00 28-September-2021 09:09
VS202100337001 VSSC Components for SSLV 18-October-2021 14:30 20-October-2021 14:30
IS202100079401 URSC supply of structural film adhesive, foaming adhesive and primers for satellite application 07-October-2021 09:30 07-October-2021 10:00
VS202000097301 VSSC Glass reactores for production hub-10L,30L and 50L 21-September-2021 14:00 21-September-2021 14:01
VS202100314401 VSSC 5KW Programmable DC Power Supply as Solar Array Simulator 18-October-2021 11:30 20-October-2021 14:00
SA202100067201 SAC Spice Circuit design software 29-September-2021 17:30 30-September-2021 10:00
VS202100312901 VSSC Supply, Installation & commissioning of XRF System 29-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 15:00
SH202100064601 SDSC SHA Supply of Self propelled Scissor lift 30-September-2021 16:00 01-October-2021 14:30
TR202100019501 ISTRAC OpticalLink Source and Termination Standards 11-October-2021 16:00 12-October-2021 11:00
TR202100001201 ISTRAC Hand held Spectrum Analyser 31-October-2021 17:00 01-November-2021 09:00
SH202100030301 SDSC SHA Supply of 2000 Liters, 400 Bar Seamless Gas Cylinders 23-September-2021 16:00 24-September-2021 14:30
VS202100230101 VSSC Supply of Crane Four-Leg wire rope sling 21-September-2021 12:00 21-September-2021 12:01
NR202100022301 NRSC Foreign Satellite Data PS Monitoring Access for 12 months & PS Monitoring Download for - Preferred and premium 24-September-2021 15:00 24-September-2021 15:01
VS202100316501 VSSC Industrial rotavapors 20L and 50L capacity 28-September-2021 14:00 28-September-2021 14:01
VS202100349301 VSSC Single sided FEP coated Polyimide Tape 07-October-2021 14:00 07-October-2021 14:01
SA202100106801 SAC Commercial surface mount chip inductors 30-September-2021 10:28 30-September-2021 11:00
VS202100121401 VSSC Supply, installation and commissioning of SS304 grade Nitrogen lines, Air lines and Vacuum lines with guages along with its accessories 28-September-2021 14:00 28-September-2021 14:01
IP202100044101 IPRC Count down time code generator units 23-September-2021 14:00 23-September-2021 14:00
SA202100103401 SAC 4-CHANNEL VHF/UHF HIGH POWER OMUX 27-September-2021 09:00 27-September-2021 09:01
VS202100393601 VSSC Miniature Piezoelectric Accelerometer 23-September-2021 14:00 23-September-2021 14:30
VS202100309301 VSSC 15CDV6 Sheets 01-October-2021 14:00 01-October-2021 15:00
SA202100168001 SAC Requirement of Software Integrated Central Embedded Controller Board for NFC Application 05-October-2021 09:56 05-October-2021 14:30
SA202100135001 SAC High Precision Motorized Rotary Stage with Controller 05-October-2021 09:04 05-October-2021 14:04
VS202100317201 VSSC High speed camera kit with accessories 07-October-2021 11:12 08-October-2021 11:13
IS202100017901 URSC MOSFET 21-September-2021 09:30 21-September-2021 10:00
VS202100356701 VSSC Chloromethyltrichlorosilane 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:05
VS202100339901 VSSC High Strength Carbon Fibre 21-September-2021 10:00 21-September-2021 13:00
VS202100358401 VSSC Glass Fabric 21-September-2021 10:00 21-September-2021 13:00
VS202100330001 VSSC Film Adhesive 21-September-2021 10:00 21-September-2021 13:00
VS202100352801 VSSC Teflon Coated Adhesive Film 21-September-2021 10:00 21-September-2021 13:00
SA202100158401 SAC GNSS L1+L5+S band Geodetic grade Antenna 23-September-2021 14:00 23-September-2021 14:30
VS202100079201 VSSC Single girder 2T underslung EOT flame proof crane 21-September-2021 14:00 21-September-2021 14:01
TR202100002101 ISTRAC Supply, Installation, Testing & commissioning of 500kVA DG set at ISTRAC Ground Station, Port Blair. 19-September-2021 17:00 20-September-2021 10:00
SA202100140401 SAC Space grade logic ICs 28-September-2021 14:02 28-September-2021 14:02
IS202100054201 URSC AUTOCLAVE CURING CONSUMABLES 22-September-2021 09:30 22-September-2021 10:00
IS202100080401 URSC Diodes (43 types) 22-September-2021 09:30 22-September-2021 10:00
MC202100017901 MCF Supply of Ku-Band Low Noise Amplifiers 14-October-2021 16:00 15-October-2021 10:00
SA202100120501 SAC Rate Contract for Supply and Refilling of Nitrogen gas cylinders 05-October-2021 17:24 06-October-2021 17:24
SA202100160201 SAC Rad Hard Hex Schmitt Inverter and Bidirectional Level Shifter 24-September-2021 15:34 24-September-2021 17:00
VS202100379201 VSSC Pure Aluminium Rods 28-September-2021 14:00 28-September-2021 14:01
NR202100020801 NRSC Proton Precession Magnetometer 20-September-2021 15:00 20-September-2021 15:30
SA202100098501 SAC RF Calibrator 29-September-2021 10:00 04-October-2021 10:49
TR202100004601 ISTRAC RF Spectrum Analysers-upto 13GHz 25-October-2021 17:00 26-October-2021 09:00
IS202100061201 URSC Non Separable Angular Contact Ball Bearing in Face to Face Configuration (ID 17mm) 07-October-2021 09:30 07-October-2021 10:00
SA202100137801 SAC Infrared Lasers 14-October-2021 09:01 14-October-2021 09:01
VS202100340701 VSSC UHTC COATING ON C/SIC SPECIMEN BY CVD 04-October-2021 14:00 04-October-2021 14:05
VS202100325001 VSSC Thiokol LP 33 05-October-2021 14:00 05-October-2021 14:01
VS202100186101 VSSC 15T FLP EOT cranes 01-October-2021 11:00 01-October-2021 11:01
VS202100319501 VSSC Isolated DC DC Converter 28-September-2021 11:30 30-September-2021 11:30
VS202100343701 VSSC InGaP HBT 1Watt Power Amplifier (1.7 to 2.2GHz) 28-September-2021 10:30 30-September-2021 10:30
VS202100357301 VSSC Dual port RAM 28-September-2021 12:00 30-September-2021 12:00
VS202100315101 VSSC CMM (CO-ORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE) 21-October-2021 14:00 21-October-2021 14:20
TR202100012301 ISTRAC PARABOLIC REFLECTOR ANTENNA C-BAND 3.7 m to 3.8 m Dia 18-October-2021 17:00 19-October-2021 10:00
VS202100355801 VSSC Supply of Vacuum Coating bed 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:01
SH202100040301 SDSC SHA Lighting System with LED Luminaires for PSLV Complex 30-September-2021 16:00 01-October-2021 14:30
SA202100089001 SAC Space Qualified UHF Band High Power TNC Isolator 30-September-2021 09:01 30-September-2021 12:16
VS202100369301 VSSC Filler materials 07-October-2021 14:00 07-October-2021 14:01
MC202100013901 MCF Battery banks for SCES # 10, 11 29-September-2021 16:00 30-September-2021 10:00
VS202100325301 VSSC Unsteady Pressure Transducers 28-September-2021 14:00 28-September-2021 15:00
VS202100308401 VSSC CP Titanium Sheets and Tubes 07-October-2021 14:00 07-October-2021 15:00
SH202100086001 SDSC SHA Phenolic Foam Thermal Insulation 12-October-2021 16:00 13-October-2021 14:30
VS202100293501 VSSC Electronic components 05-October-2021 10:00 07-October-2021 10:00
IS202100027501 URSC Fabrication, Testing and Delivery of Onboard 1553 Bus Interface System (OBIS) 05-October-2021 09:30 05-October-2021 10:00
SH202100049401 SDSC SHA Work Contract for Painting of Pipelines, Structurals & Vessels 12-October-2021 16:00 13-October-2021 14:30
VS202100370901 VSSC Battery anode materials 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:01
SH202100029901 SDSC SHA Supply of Spiral wound gaskets 12-October-2021 16:00 13-October-2021 14:30
VS202100356801 VSSC Lithium ion battery Fire extinguisers 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:01
VS202100227601 VSSC Sintering Furnace 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:01
VS202100161901 VSSC Metallized Polypropylene (PP) Capacitors-15 microfarads 05-October-2021 11:00 07-October-2021 11:00
VS202100299101 VSSC Electronic components - MMIC Amplifier 05-October-2021 10:00 07-October-2021 10:00
VS202100389701 VSSC Stereo microscope for wiring 05-October-2021 11:00 07-October-2021 11:00
VS202100298601 VSSC Electronic components-TCXO 05-October-2021 10:00 07-October-2021 10:00
VS202100369401 VSSC Evacuable type Pelletisation diesets 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:01
SH202100084001 SDSC SHA Supply of SS 304L Cold Pilgering Pipes-Size:40NB, XXS schedule 30-September-2021 16:00 30-September-2021 16:30
IS202100049301 URSC Latching Relay 2PDT, 26V Coil , 2Amp 05-October-2021 09:30 05-October-2021 10:00
IS202100066501 URSC 1553 Connectors and Cables 24-September-2021 09:30 24-September-2021 10:00
IS202100030501 URSC Frangi Actuators 22-September-2021 09:30 22-September-2021 10:00
VS202100326401 VSSC High precision automated gas expansion pycnometer for measurement of density/specific gravity of powders and compressible materials 12-October-2021 14:00 12-October-2021 14:01
IS202100028801 URSC Radiation Cross Linked ETFE 05-October-2021 09:30 05-October-2021 10:00
VS202100373601 VSSC Chemicals 23-September-2021 14:00 23-September-2021 14:01
VS202100334201 VSSC LINEAR VARIABLE DIFFERENTIAL TRANSFORMER (LVDT) 24-September-2021 14:00 24-September-2021 14:01
VS202100319301 VSSC Ceramic Chip Capacitors (8 Types) 07-October-2021 11:00 08-October-2021 11:00
VS202100270201 VSSC Battery electrolyte Chemicals 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:01
VS202100345401 VSSC Electrolyte 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:01
VS202100334501 VSSC Triple Roll Mill -50 Kg 25kg 15 kg 07-October-2021 14:00 07-October-2021 14:01
SA202100159501 SAC WAVEGUIDE LOAD TERMINATION OF WR51 18-October-2021 14:00 18-October-2021 14:30
MC202100017201 MCF Supply of Industrial Grade Panel PC with integrated display 28-September-2021 16:00 29-September-2021 10:00
IS202100060501 URSC Diodes & MOSFETs 28-September-2021 09:30 28-September-2021 10:00
SH202100071401 SDSC SHA Supply of Torque wrenches and Tool Trolleys 12-October-2021 16:00 13-October-2021 14:30
IS202100064601 URSC ADC/DAC CARDS 27-September-2021 09:30 27-September-2021 10:00
SC202100009001 SCL Up-gradation of Performance Network Analyzer PNA-X. Model : N5241B, Sr.No: MY57181514, Make: Keysight/Agilent. 29-September-2021 11:00 29-September-2021 11:01
VS202100338001 VSSC Flow Cup viscometer 05-October-2021 14:00 05-October-2021 14:01
VS202100328801 VSSC AA2014 T651 Plates 06-October-2021 14:00 06-October-2021 15:00
VS202100411901 VSSC High End Servers 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:15
VS202100413201 VSSC High End workstation 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:15
VS202100309901 VSSC Polyethylene Antistatic Foam 21-October-2021 11:00 21-October-2021 14:00
VS202100338201 VSSC RESIN FOR ADHESIVE 12-October-2021 14:00 12-October-2021 14:01
VS202100361401 VSSC HOT PRESSED BORON NITIRDE CIRCULAR DISCS 14-October-2021 14:00 14-October-2021 14:01
VS202100339001 VSSC Chemicals 12-October-2021 14:00 12-October-2021 14:01
VS202100305801 VSSC Supply of Lead Blocks - Ballast Mass 08-October-2021 14:00 08-October-2021 15:00
VS202100319101 VSSC Triplex Rotary Potentiometer 21-October-2021 11:00 22-October-2021 14:00
IS202100049601 URSC PRT (1Kohm 0.12%) 28-September-2021 09:30 28-September-2021 10:00
SH202100058101 SDSC SHA Refurbishment of Hydraulic Traction System Interconnection Hoses and Valves system 12-October-2021 16:00 13-October-2021 14:30
VS202100423101 VSSC SMA Male and Female Connectors 12-October-2021 11:00 18-October-2021 11:00
IP202100049201 IPRC Sporadic work outsourcing package (SWOP) for CMG works at IPRC, Mahendragiri. 21-September-2021 14:00 21-September-2021 15:00
VS202100398201 VSSC Solid Tantalum Chip capacitor 18-October-2021 14:00 20-October-2021 14:00
VS202100359301 VSSC Transimpedance amplifier 18-October-2021 11:00 20-October-2021 11:00
VS202100396801 VSSC Magnetic Core 18-October-2021 11:00 20-October-2021 11:00
NR202100028701 NRSC Demodulator with built-in Modulators for Antarctica Ground Station 07-October-2021 17:00 08-October-2021 10:00
VS202100304501 VSSC OFHC Copper rods 05-October-2021 14:00 05-October-2021 15:00
IS202100073601 URSC Quad N-Channel MOSFET (DIP-14 package) 14-October-2021 09:30 14-October-2021 10:00
VS202100390001 VSSC Infrared Pyrometer with optic fiber interface 14-October-2021 14:00 14-October-2021 14:01
SA202100088901 SAC Dual Non Inverting MOSFET Drivers 23-September-2021 12:12 23-September-2021 12:13
MC202100018601 MCF Static Transfer Switch For SCES # 10, 11 14-October-2021 16:00 15-October-2021 10:00
MC202100017701 MCF Outdoor Mount 750W C-Band TWT Amplifier with Integral L-Band BUC and Linearizer, Remote Control unit 11-October-2021 16:30 12-October-2021 10:30
TR202100009201 ISTRAC NICE ICs and Devices 24-October-2021 17:00 25-October-2021 09:00
IS202100021201 URSC DIODES 14-October-2021 09:30 14-October-2021 10:00
IS202100009001 URSC Particle Impact Noise Detection (PIND) Tester 14-October-2021 09:30 14-October-2021 10:00
SA202100064901 SAC MIL-STD-1553 Bus and Its Accessories 24-September-2021 09:00 24-September-2021 09:00
SA202100119301 SAC Light Measurement System 05-October-2021 14:00 05-October-2021 14:30
MC202100018001 MCF Supply of Co-axial RF power dividers at MCF Hassan 14-October-2021 16:00 15-October-2021 10:01
VS202100414601 VSSC High End PC 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:00
SA202100124301 SAC TVAC Compatible Adapters 24-September-2021 09:00 24-September-2021 09:05
VS202100412501 VSSC Standard PC (Tech) 30-September-2021 14:00 30-September-2021 14:00
VS202100291001 VSSC AMC for Campus network 15-October-2021 14:00 15-October-2021 14:05
MC202100018701 MCF DBS Band Line Amplifier 14-October-2021 16:30 15-October-2021 10:30
MC202100018901 MCF Noise Survey Kit 14-October-2021 16:30 15-October-2021 10:30
TR202100008901 ISTRAC RF Signal Generator- upto 12GHz 01-November-2021 17:00 02-November-2021 10:00
SA202100156701 SAC High Frequency Substrate Material 24-September-2021 14:00 24-September-2021 14:30
VS202100095201 VSSC Nozzle Free Ultrasonic Spray coating machine 21-September-2021 14:00 21-September-2021 14:15
SH202100053001 SDSC SHA Fabrication Contract at PCR 30-September-2021 16:00 01-October-2021 14:30