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This e-Procurement System facilitates vendors to view tenders released from all ISRO centres and then submit the bids online through this portal.

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Public Tenders

Tender No Center Name Tender Description Bid Closing Date (IST) Bid Opening Date (IST) Actions
LE202100011601 LEOS EVALUATION BOARD 03-September-2021 17:00 06-September-2021 10:30
VS202100170301 VSSC Integrated 450 kV X-ray machine with Flat panel detector and manipulator 19-August-2021 11:00 19-August-2021 11:01
VS202100163001 VSSC Integarted X-Ray equipment with dual energy(3.5/6 MeV) LINAC and 450 kV X-ray machine, Flat Panel Detector and Manipulator 20-August-2021 14:00 20-August-2021 15:00
SA202100076401 SAC C-band High Power Isolator (500W) 27-August-2021 09:00 27-August-2021 09:44
VS202100049901 VSSC Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Operationalization of 3D Ultrasonic Anemometer with Online Computation of Wind Turbulent Parameters 13-August-2021 15:36 16-August-2021 09:36
SA202100129701 SAC Bicolor LED Indicators 13-August-2021 14:00 13-August-2021 14:30
TR202100009001 ISTRAC Laser Disdrometers 13-September-2021 17:00 14-September-2021 10:00
IS202100026801 URSC RF Cable and Connector 12-August-2021 09:50 12-August-2021 10:15
VS202100033301 VSSC Prototype Lot Wafer Fabrication of Relay Driver ASIC 23-August-2021 10:00 23-August-2021 10:00
LE202100004201 LEOS System Administration and IT services contract 03-September-2021 17:00 06-September-2021 10:30
SC202100002301 SCL Supply, Installation, Commissioning of High Pressure Homogenizer, as per specifications - SCL CODE 210417790 18-August-2021 14:00 20-August-2021 16:00
IS202100033701 URSC CTC21E Capacitors 23-August-2021 09:30 23-August-2021 10:00
SC202100001501 SCL 256 Pin CQFP package (Die cavity 10.5 mmx 10.5 mm) 26-August-2021 14:00 26-August-2021 16:00
SA202000009201 SAC SPACE QUALIFIED RF TRANSFORMERS 16-August-2021 15:08 16-August-2021 17:08
IP202100027701 IPRC Outsourcing work contract for instrumentation QA/QC activities 31-August-2021 14:00 31-August-2021 14:01
VS202100330801 VSSC Video ADC and Video CODEC 03-September-2021 11:00 03-September-2021 11:30
MC202100015001 MCF 7.2 m Antenna Exposed structure repainting at MCF, Hassan & Bhopal 30-August-2021 16:00 31-August-2021 10:00
MC202100008701 MCF Providing driving service on contract basis 30-August-2021 16:00 31-August-2021 10:00
VS202100244301 VSSC AMC of LPG system of 1m Hypersonic Wind Tunnel 15-September-2021 12:00 15-September-2021 14:30
IS202100028601 URSC Diodes (TV) 20-August-2021 09:55 20-August-2021 10:00
SA202100108501 SAC Hi-Rel Power MOSFET 31-August-2021 09:04 31-August-2021 09:04
SA202100050901 SAC Clean room furnitures 16-August-2021 17:30 17-August-2021 10:00
IP202100028601 IPRC GAS CHROMATOGRAPH FOR SULPHUR ANALYSIS 16-August-2021 14:00 16-August-2021 15:00
IP202100030401 IPRC GAS CHROMATOGRAPH FOR HYDROCARBON ANALYSIS 16-August-2021 14:00 16-August-2021 15:00
VS202100326601 VSSC Programmable logic controllers and accessories 26-August-2021 14:00 26-August-2021 14:00
SH202100048001 SDSC SHA POWER CABLES 26-August-2021 16:00 27-August-2021 14:30
SC202100000301 SCL Supply, installation and commissioning of Inductively coupled plasma with triple quadrupole mass spectrometer 27-August-2021 12:00 27-August-2021 12:01
VS202100199201 VSSC Development of Titanium alloy forgings through press route 10-August-2021 14:00 10-August-2021 14:01
VS202100149601 VSSC Supply of Dry Film Stripping Machine 19-August-2021 11:00 30-August-2021 11:00
SH202100044101 SDSC SHA Supply of PTFE insulated cables for umbilical pigtails 26-August-2021 16:00 27-August-2021 14:30
IS202100042201 URSC REL make Eng Grade Relays 16-August-2021 09:30 16-August-2021 10:00
IP202100024101 IPRC Supply of Carbon Steel Pipes 19-August-2021 14:00 19-August-2021 15:00
LE202100002901 LEOS High-Vacuum Process control unit for Ion Beam Milling System (IBMS) 11-August-2021 17:00 12-August-2021 10:30
IS202100029801 URSC CDR capacitors 17-August-2021 09:30 17-August-2021 10:00
VS202100148401 VSSC Transportation Container for Deployable reflectors for IDRSS 12-August-2021 14:00 12-August-2021 14:01
VS202100078301 VSSC Photoplotting of PCB layouts 19-August-2021 14:00 19-August-2021 14:00
IP202100029101 IPRC Installation of Fume Hood 26-August-2021 14:00 26-August-2021 14:00
SC202100002501 SCL Supply, Installation & Commisioning of ENI RF Gen rack as per SOW 24-August-2021 14:30 24-August-2021 15:00
NR202100003601 NRSC Demodulator with built-in Modulators for Antarctica Ground Station 02-September-2021 11:00 02-September-2021 11:05
SA202100105901 SAC Fluoroloy H Material for High power subsytem 23-August-2021 09:00 23-August-2021 09:00
SA202100039301 SAC TVAC Compatible High Power RF Flexible cable assemblies 20-August-2021 09:01 20-August-2021 09:02
TR202100002601 ISTRAC NAS storage system 31-August-2021 17:00 01-September-2021 09:00
MC202100013501 MCF Data Entry Support at MCF, Hassan 12-August-2021 16:30 13-August-2021 10:00
IP202100027101 IPRC TEFLON (PTFE) CABLES 17-August-2021 14:00 17-August-2021 14:00
SA202100119901 SAC RF SPDT SWITCH 27-August-2021 09:00 27-August-2021 09:00
VS202100185401 VSSC Laser Diode System and accessories 30-August-2021 10:00 30-August-2021 11:00
SC202100002001 SCL Supply, Installation and commissioning of RTP (Rapid Thermal Processing) system. 23-August-2021 14:30 23-August-2021 15:00
SA202100102901 SAC Fused Silica (Quartz) Cylinderical Rod 10-August-2021 09:17 10-August-2021 09:17
SA202100079901 SAC Phase noise allan deviation measurement system 25-August-2021 13:26 26-August-2021 11:00
SH202100051301 SDSC SHA CAMC FOR AC AND REFRIGERATION UNITS AT SDSC SHAR & CHENNAI 30-August-2021 16:00 31-August-2021 14:30
MC202100015601 MCF Supply and installation of Unified Storage 25-August-2021 16:00 26-August-2021 10:00
SH202100063701 SDSC SHA Work Contract for rectification of Telephone complaints and other Auxiliary services in SDSC SHAR 16-August-2021 16:00 20-August-2021 14:30
MC202100014901 MCF Ku to L Band Fixed LO compact down conversion unit 26-August-2021 16:00 27-August-2021 10:00
IS202100008601 URSC THERMAL CONTROL TAPE (SiO2 Coated Flexible OSR Tape ) 13-August-2021 09:30 13-August-2021 10:00
SH202100029601 SDSC SHA AMC of Fire Protection Systems of SPROB 27-August-2021 12:00 27-August-2021 14:00
SA202100093801 SAC L Band Satellite Modem 23-August-2021 18:00 24-August-2021 11:00
SA202100103401 SAC 4-CHANNEL VHF/UHF HIGH POWER OMUX 16-August-2021 09:08 16-August-2021 09:08
SA202100048201 SAC InGaAs PIN Photodetectors for RoF Applications 25-August-2021 09:00 25-August-2021 09:00
VS202100023501 VSSC Automation of inventory in bonded stores using RFID technology (using RFID tags, handheld readers & associated IT hardware & software) 10-August-2021 11:00 12-August-2021 11:00
VS202100129201 VSSC Semi-automated closed loop weighing and batching solutions 17-August-2021 11:00 17-August-2021 11:00
VS202100179601 VSSC Thermovacuum chamber 18-August-2021 14:00 18-August-2021 14:01
IS202100027301 URSC RLR32 RESISTORS 09-August-2021 10:44 10-August-2021 10:00
SA202100118401 SAC Liquid crystal variable retarder with controller 26-August-2021 09:00 26-August-2021 09:00
VS202100255301 VSSC Supply and Installation of Customised Furniture for ELIX Sitting Places 16-August-2021 17:00 17-August-2021 13:00
IP202100030601 IPRC Complete Repairing , overhauling , Servicing of 20MVA, 110/11kV Transformer 23-August-2021 14:00 23-August-2021 15:00
IP202100035801 IPRC Supply of Anhydrous Ammonia 23-August-2021 14:00 23-August-2021 15:00
IP202100021001 IPRC Supply of Computed radiography Image Plates 26-August-2021 12:49 26-August-2021 14:01
VS202100260601 VSSC High power programmable 3 phase AC power source with PFC 13-August-2021 14:00 13-August-2021 14:05
VS202100217801 VSSC Supply of Desmearing/Blackening Line 30-August-2021 12:00 07-September-2021 14:00
SA202100116801 SAC Electronics circuit simulation software 17-August-2021 14:30 17-August-2021 16:00
IP202100016101 IPRC Muffle furnace 19-August-2021 14:00 19-August-2021 15:00
SA202100084401 SAC RF Coaxial SMA Connectors 31-August-2021 09:12 31-August-2021 09:12
VS202100254001 VSSC Non Comprehensive AMC for the Maintenance and Testing of Pressure Vessels and its Associated systems 17-August-2021 14:00 17-August-2021 14:05
VS202100300101 VSSC IXYS Three phase IGBT Bridge for SSLV 17-August-2021 11:08 18-August-2021 11:08
LB202100001901 LPSC Ultra High Pure Xenon Gas 09-August-2021 14:00 09-August-2021 14:15
VS202100224901 VSSC Manufacturing, testing and supply of Mach 5 Nozzle 20-August-2021 12:00 23-August-2021 10:30
SA202100043101 SAC Space qualified Crystal Band Pass Filter as per the RFP attached. 16-August-2021 09:12 16-August-2021 09:13
SA202100021901 SAC Two port handheld Battery operated Vector Network Analyzer 40 GHz 12-August-2021 00:43 13-August-2021 11:00
VS202000091901 VSSC 3axis CNC Vertical Machining Centre 06-September-2021 14:15 07-September-2021 14:15
VS202100048901 VSSC Multipurpose fire tender 30-August-2021 14:00 31-August-2021 14:00
SC202100003601 SCL Lid with preform OD 42.596x42.596 mm, ID 39.624x39.624mm 27-August-2021 12:00 27-August-2021 16:00
VS202100278501 VSSC Power Amplifier for SSLV 20-August-2021 12:39 23-August-2021 12:39
IP202100031101 IPRC Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Control System 26-August-2021 14:00 26-August-2021 14:00
SH202100030301 SDSC SHA Supply of 2000 Liters, 400 Bar Seamless Gas Cylinders 26-August-2021 16:00 27-August-2021 14:30
SH202100039501 SDSC SHA Fabrication Contract for Piping & Structures 12-August-2021 16:00 13-August-2021 14:30
IS202100027401 URSC Clock Oscillators (5 Types) 17-August-2021 09:30 17-August-2021 10:00
SA202100089801 SAC MIL qualified D sub connectors 30-August-2021 09:03 30-August-2021 09:03
IS202100033901 URSC CWR Capacitors 17-August-2021 09:30 17-August-2021 10:00
IS202100033501 URSC CLR Capacitors 17-August-2021 09:30 17-August-2021 10:00
TR202100002101 ISTRAC Supply, Installation, Testing & commissioning of 500kVA DG set at ISTRAC Ground Station, Port Blair. 19-September-2021 17:00 20-September-2021 10:00
VS202100304401 VSSC BRAZE ALLOY 25-August-2021 14:00 25-August-2021 14:01
VS202100231001 VSSC Glass sealing furnace 31-August-2021 14:00 31-August-2021 14:01
SH202100066701 SDSC SHA Work package for assisting in Operation & Maintenance works of TOMD 24-August-2021 16:00 27-August-2021 14:30
MC202100009301 MCF Annual Maintenance Contract for Antenna mechanical system at Bhopal MCF 01-September-2021 16:00 02-September-2021 10:00
SA202100094501 SAC Space Qualified UHF Band 8W Drop-In Isolator 30-August-2021 09:00 30-August-2021 09:00
SA202100130701 SAC RF Absorber Machining(Cutting and Shaping) 01-September-2021 09:00 01-September-2021 09:15
VS202100229401 VSSC Hiring of Air Conditioned Multi Axle buses to VSSC 15-September-2021 14:00 17-September-2021 11:00
SA202100125501 SAC 18-65GHz Blackbody Target 31-August-2021 17:30 01-September-2021 10:00
VS202100328401 VSSC High precision automated Carbon Sulphur Analyser for measurement of Sulphur in macro level(0-100%) present in Organic,Inorganic materials such as Rubbers,Elastomers,Polymers,Sulphur powder etc based on high temperature combustion method. 16-September-2021 14:00 16-September-2021 14:01
IS202100017201 URSC 19 Inch,33U height Equipment racks & Accessories 23-August-2021 10:00 24-August-2021 10:15
MC202100007701 MCF RFP for TTC Services-Providing TTC&R Transfer Orbit Support Services(TOSS) for ISRO's GSO spacecraft missions 19-August-2021 16:00 20-August-2021 10:00
MC202100009201 MCF Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Testing of RF Systems for 7.2M Ku-Band Full Coverage Antenna at MCF-Hassan and MCF-Bhopal 06-August-2021 16:30 09-August-2021 10:00
MC202100016401 MCF Ka Band LNBC 26-August-2021 16:00 27-August-2021 10:00
IP202100020801 IPRC Retro reflectors of Photogrammetry system 12-August-2021 12:12 12-August-2021 12:12
NR202100013501 NRSC Foreign Satellite Data,Ortho-rectified Pan sharpened (4 Band data),Resolution:0.5m, Archive data acquired during 2020 to 2021(incase of nonavailability data of 2017-2019) 26-August-2021 11:00 26-August-2021 11:01
VS202100335601 VSSC High Freqeuncy Laminates 23-August-2021 12:48 24-August-2021 12:48
VS202100045501 VSSC Surveillance Video camera with recording system 02-September-2021 14:00 02-September-2021 15:00
NR202100012101 NRSC AMC of FTIR Instrument 31-August-2021 15:00 31-August-2021 15:30
MC202100016301 MCF Supply and Installation of SAN switch, Storages, VM Backup software and HBA Cards 26-August-2021 16:00 27-August-2021 10:00
VS202100328301 VSSC Analog Switch 02-September-2021 14:00 02-September-2021 14:00
SA202100095101 SAC Xiilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC ZU19EG Development Kit 01-September-2021 14:57 02-September-2021 14:38
SA202100082801 SAC 4 Channel Receive/Transmit SDR 06-September-2021 09:00 06-September-2021 09:00