Sl.No Item Name Quantity
1 Oil Filled Transformer Manufacture, Testing at Manufacturer's facility including Delivery to PCR of 22kV/ 433V, 2MVA, Oil Filled Transformer as per attached Annexure-I. 1Job
2 Oil Filled Transformer Installation, Testing at Site and Commissioning of 22kV /433V, 2MVA Transformer including all statutory Approvals and Clearances as per attached Annexure-I. 1Job
3 Oil Filled Transformer Disconnection, Dismantling & Shifting to stores of existing 3.3kV/433V, 2MVA Transformer as per Annexure-I 1Job
4 Oil Filled Transformer Supply & Application of Outdoor Type Raychem End Termination suitable for 22kV, 3Cx300sqmm XLPE cable compete as per Annexure-I 2Job