Sl.No Item Name Quantity
1 Unintrruptable Power Supply (UPS)-Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 120KVA UPS with battery bank as per enclosed specification in ANNEXURE-A including 5years warranty from the date of commissioning including battery banks 2Nos.
2 Unintrruptable Power Supply (UPS)-Supply of Paralleling kit(for 2x120KVA UPS) 1Nos.
3 Unintrruptable Power Supply (UPS)-Supply and laying of size 4 Nywin cable from UPS to UPS Input panel, from UPS to UPS out panel, from UPS to battery bank.(For 2x120 KVA UPS) 1,200m
4 Unintrruptable Power Supply (UPS)-CAMC for 2 x 120KVA UPS with battery bank as per enclosed specifications, terms and conditions in ANNEXURE-B 5Yearly
5 Unintrruptable Power Supply (UPS)-Supply of communication cable(CAT6 cable) and laying it from UPS to LAN port through suitable size Steel wired reinforced (SWR) PVC flexible conduit pipes and necessary materials such as brackets, clamps, MS spacers etc 100m