Sl.No Item Name Quantity
1 CNC MACHINING CENTRE-3axis CNC Vertical machining Centre (as per the uploaded specifications and conditions) with all the essential accessories alongwith installation cum commissioning charges 1Nos.
2 CNC MACHINING CENTRE-Optional accessories like Tool probe system, Job probe system, Chip tray, Tools/Tool holders/Work holding devices, Voltage stabilizer cum isolation transformer combo unit etc (OPTIONAL) 1Sets
3 CNC MACHINING CENTRE-Spares and consumables for 2 year trouble free operation (OPTIONAL) 1Sets
4 CNC MACHINING CENTRE-Annual Maintenance Contract for a period of 5 years/per call basis maintenance after expiry of warranty period (OPTIONAL) 1Lumsm
5 CNC MACHINING CENTRE-Any other items other than the above, essential for the operation of the quoted machine (OPTIONAL) 1Sets