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1 Corrigendum with respect to Bidder Eligibility Criteria Corrigendum 3.3. The Bidder shall have an experience in installation and commissioning of similar electrical systems. Bidder shall provide the details of purchase orders, completion certificates and completion schedule with relevant references/ contact details that are executed by them in last 5 years. Submission of purchase order is not adequate to substantiate the experience. Satisfactory completion certificate from the customer is a must to substantiate the experience. 3.3.1. Bidder shall have similar work experience of handling the projects having similar nature of work (SITC of Power Control Centers (PCC)/ Distribution panels/ UG cables) having completion value as mentioned below in 3.3.2. Also the works completed during last seven years only will be considered (Work completion date should fall within last seven years) The value of executed works shall be brought to current level by enhancing the actual value of work at simple rate of 7% per annum, calculated from the date of completion to last date of submission of tender. 3.3.2. Minimum one work of value more than 239 lakhs OR Minimum two works of completion value more than 171 lakhs OR Minimum three works of completion value more than102 lakhs Minimum Four works of completion value more than 68 lakhs General Terms & Conditions on Class-I and Class-II local suppliers. I.For this procurement bids from Class-I & Class-II Local Suppliers are admissible. Hence provisions contained in Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India), Order 2017 issued by Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce & Industries vide letter No. P-45021/2/2017-PP (BE-II) dated 04.06.2020 and subsequent amendment & directives shall be followed. Accordingly, offer will be evaluated & processed in conformation with above referred GOI order (Specially mentioned below). The bidder shall provide compliance and undertaking as per order and hereafter amendments: (a) Order no: F. No. 6/18/2019 PPD dated 23.07.2020 of Department of Expenditure), Ministry of Finance Under Public procurement division for the General Financial rule (GFRs). (b) ‘ Class-I local supplier’ means a supplier or service provider, whose goods, service or works offered for procurement , has local content equal to or more than 50% as defined under order (c) ‘Class-II local supplier’ means a supplier or service provider, whose goods, service or works offered for procurement , has local content more than 20 % but less than 50% as defined under this Order (d) Verification of local content: i. The ‘ Class-I local supplier’ / ‘Class-II local supplier’ at the time to tender, bidding or solicitation shall be required to indicate percentage of local content and provide self-certification that the items offered meets to local content requirement for ‘Class-I local supplier’ / ‘Class II local supplier’ as the case may be. They shall also give details of the location(s) at which the local value addition is made. ii. In case bid value is in excess of Rs. 10 Cr., ‘Class-I local supplier’ / ‘Class-II local supplier’ shall be required to provide a certificate from the statutory auditor or cost auditor of the company (in the case of companies) or from a practicing cost accountant or practicing chartered accountant (in respect of suppliers other than than companies) giving the percentage of local content. iii. False declarations will be in breach of the code of Integrity under Rule 175(1)(i)(h) of the General Financial Rules (GFR) for which a bidder or its successors can be debarred for up to two years as per Rule 151 (iii) of the general Financial Rules along with such other actions as may be permissible under Low. iv. A supplier who has been debarred by any procuring entry for violation of this order shall not be eligible for preference under this order for procurement by any other procuring entity for the duration of the debarment. The debarment for such other procuring entities shall take effect prospectively from the date on which it comes to the notice of other procurement, entities, in the manner prescribed. II. ‘Class-I local supplier’ / ‘ Class – II local supplier’ shall offer only standard and catalogued product for Equipment / Spares Cards / assemblies. If the above offered Equipment / Cards / Assemblies are under development / to be developed the bid will not be considered. Download 16-06-2021 16:00
2 Extension of Bid Submission Date Extension of Bid Submission Date as recommended by IO. Download 09-06-2021 09:41