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1 Corrigendum -1 (Procurement, Manufacture, Supply, Transport, Inspection, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of MLP for SLC Project New Tender Due Date: 07-12-2023 @ 1600 hrs. New Tender Opening Date: 08.12.2023 @ 14.30 hrs 1.Pre-Bid Meeting will be on 24.11.2023, Time: 10:00 hrs at PPEG Conference Hall, Admin Building, Keepakam, SDSC SHAR. 524 124. 2. The Pre-bid meeting will be available in online mode also. Kindly send your details to the below mail on or before 23.11.2023 15:00 hrs keeping subject as ”PRE-BID Meeting for Tender No:SHAR/VALF/2023000910” for arrangement of entry permission / sharing the link for attending online. (i) Jomin Jose (Purchase & Stores Officer) – (ii) Senthil Selvan P (Sr. Purchase & Stores Officer) – Those who have already attended pre-bid meeting once is not required to attend pre-bid again, if they are not having any queries.
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